Nobody seems to care about the public's safety anymore

Jan 23, 2014 Mary Sue Shoup, Riverton


Let's see. Marijuana is now legal to buy, the speed limits are already at a crazy speed, yet they are asking to have them increased?

People don't drive at the regulated speeds now, for God's sake. Increasing them, you may as well just take them away totally.

And then, I see in the paper someone wanting to decrease the drinking age.

Wonder what's totally wrong in these three instances.

First off, they showed lines of people waiting to buy the legalized marijuana, and a couple of the people I saw didn't look like they were over 14 years old. Whose brilliant idea was that?

Then, increasing the speeds on the highways. I have yet to drive on a freeway and actually be doing the posted speed limit that I am not passed like I am standing still. No one drives the posted speed. Why in the world increase it? If that happens, I will guarantee you I will never drive anywhere the speeds have been put up to 80 or above. I want to live for a while.

And then the drinking age. This has been a big deal for those that aren't of age ever since I can remember. It apparently doesn't stop the drinking. They are always able to get fake IDs, find people to buy the liquor for them, or even have parents who in their great knowledge, think it's OK for their kids to drink at home, so they can "watch" them. What a joke.

I don't know what people are thinking anymore. Rules, regulations, safety matters, have all gone out the window. No one cares anymore.

Anyway, maybe I'm just being old-fashioned, but I appreciate slower speeds, not worrying about if someone has been drinking or, better yet, smoking a joint before getting behind the wheel of a car. It all correlates together.

Let's not totally lose our minds, people. Let's try to keep some things to a sane level, OK?