Previous writers correct, and stray marks a problem on election ballots

Aug 29, 2014 Mary Sue Shoup, Riverton


I agree whole heartedly with the Frank Tanner and Lew Diehl comments.

Mr. Tanner is so right about renaming Riverton "Weed City." (Click HERE to read the letter.) I never remember this city being so trashy looking as it does now. Whatever happened to the "weed control" we are supposed to have? I would think people would have a little more pride in what they own than to let the weeds get so out-of control.

And Mr. Diehl, you are also correct on the 1838 site and the ponds around the area. (Click HERE to read the letter.) I can't believe the amount of trash that people leave around those ponds. Dirty diapers, bottles, food containers, anything and everything.

I don't know if any other city suffers from the vandalism we suffer, but it is really getting out of hand. Broken windows in buildings, stealing from vehicles, trashing public places so those of us that want to enjoy them aren't able to.

And the bad thing is you can never catch the jerks who do it. I'd hate to see what their homes look like, or probably they don't have a home to live in, just throw something together like Mr. Diehl had stated. Shame.

I thought Riverton had more pride in herself than this. I would like to see whoever does this prosecuted to the fullest.

I also would like to comment on something I have written about before.

I have been an election judge for a long time. In this last election we did have a smaller turnout than I ever recall.

I don't know if people realize it, but when you mark your ballots, they either go into the regular slot or what we call the write-in slot. When someone writes a name in for a certain office, we have to go through and write each and every one of them into our election books at the end of the night.

Sounds easy, right? Not! I don't know if you are aware, but even if you just put a small line, dot or anything large enough in one of the little circles, it is something that we have to write down as blank and then mark each and every one so we have a count at the end. I was surprised this time we only had one Mickey Mouse. But we had lots of blanks.

The next time you vote, if you don't have anyone to vote for, please don't put any kind of mark in the circles. It just makes that much more work for us at the end of the day. Spending almost 15 hours during the day gets very tiring. And whether you realize it or not, once we are inside the building we are not allowed to leave.