Good news on veterans facilities

Sep 26, 2014 Mary Sue Shoup, Riverton


I'm so glad to hear that the VFW was able to sell its old building. I'm sorry they didn't get what they were asking for, though.

I'm also glad to know that all of our military organizations are finally trying to work together to keep their programs alive here. We need all of them for our veterans and their families. God bless you guys (and girls, of course).

And the best news I've heard yet -- moving Veterans Park from behind City Hall. Whoever voted to put it there, well, it was a horrible idea. There is no sign showing where it is, or if there is, it's so small, you don't notice it. The only people that see it are those who ride or walk on the Rails for Trails, and it should be something that everyone should be able to see with pride.

Having it back behind City Hall is almost like they are ashamed of it or something. I've never understood the reasoning for the placement. I'm all for a new location. I love our veterans and everything they do and stand for and any kind of remembrance, notice, memorial, whatever should never be put behind another facility. They put themselves on the front lines, so we should show them how proud we are of them.