With full funding in place, design work on library roof gets started

Jan 27, 2015 By Eric Blom, Staff Writer

The design is intended to put an end to leaks that have plagued the Riverton facility for many years.

Architects have the green light to start designing a fix for the Riverton Branch Library's leaky roof and poor drainage, starting the solution to a problem that has plagued the library for years.

The Fremont County Commission approved a contract with Dubbe Moulder Architects for the work at its meeting Jan. 20. The cost of the design work is expected to be about $80,000, Fremont County Library System director Tracy Cook said.

"Congratulations," said Commissioner Travis Becker, of Riverton.

Commissioners held off on setting the project in motion until the money was in place, and the last piece of funding came through Jan. 15 when the State Land and Investment Board approved a $323,000 grant for library.

Other funds already had been approved: They are $573,000 from a countywide consensus grant and $250,000 over two years from Fremont County's general fund.

"It's pretty exciting," Cook said.

The roof has been leaking for at least 20 years.

The Riverton library replaced the roof on the building's south end in 1994 and that of the north end with roofing membrane in 2003. In 2005, staff replaced a leaking skylight, and in 2007, the library had a contractor try to seal the roof with urethane foam and a rubberized spray.

But still the roof leaks.

The work is intended to fix leaks in the roof once and for all.

"Staff must cover bookshelves, furniture, and equipment to protect items from the leaking water. The roof has been problematic for almost its entire 30 years," the grant request to SLIB stated. "Various attempts to fix it have been unsuccessful."

The library opened in November 1983.

The project also plans to address drainage issues around the building.

"Water runs off the roof onto the grounds and into the parking lot. When it is cold, this water freezes creating hazardous walking and driving conditions," the request stated.


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