Lack of common sense near wild animals 'baffles the mind'

Sep 3, 2015 Mary Sue Shoup, Riverton


After living in Wyoming since 1956, it still baffles the mind when I read of people being gored, attacked or otherwise injured up in Yellowstone.

Anyone with any common sense should know you do not walk up to a bear, buffalo, elk or any other wild animal. Invariably, every year there are reports of people being injured because they didn't have enough common sense to stay away from the animals.

I know they are beautiful to look at and take pictures of, but they are wild animals. You may be able to get close in a zoo, but not in a national park, any national park. And if truth be known, you should never walk up to any wild animal anywhere.

With the video equipment and cameras we have now, there should be no reason to go any closer than from the inside of your vehicle.

I even feel bad for the bears and those creatures that were in the wild long before humans were. Because we have invaded their natural habitat, if one happens to go into a populated area, the animals are the ones who are either put down or taken clear back where we hope no man has gone before. That is so wrong. If we keep going like we are, there won't be any natural habitats left. The animals will have no choice but to go there. But that's another story.

Come on people. Pull your heads out and think before you put yourself or your loved ones in danger. Stay back.