4-H week and carnival switch to fall

Sep 30, 2015 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

Fremont County's annual 4-H carnival has been moved to the fall this year to align with 4-H week, which begins Oct. 5.

"The 4-H carnival has been in the spring, (but) we were running into a lot of conflicts ... building-wise as well as (with) kids," Fremont County Extension coordinator Alex Malcolm said Wednesday. "So we just moved it to the fall to help promote getting started with 4-H. We're trying to draw some more kids in to be involved in the program."

The new 4-H year starts each fall.

Malcolm said the carnival is scheduled for 5-9 p.m. Saturday at the Fremont Center on the Fremont County Fairgrounds in south Riverton. The event includes bingo, a bounce-house and other activities and booths, and Malcolm said information about the county's many 4-H clubs will be available.

4-H week

To celebrate 4-H week, Malcolm will host 4-H Science Experiment Day at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the fairgrounds, featuring a program called "Motion in Commotion."

"We'll be talking about gravity and forces and how things move," he said. "Anybody interested in science activities can come on down and be part of it."

Throughout the week, various 4-H clubs in the county will create window displays to promote awareness about the program.

Malcolm also has asked club members to participate in radio interviews and put out advertisements and public service announcements to let people know about 4-H.

Students currently involved in 4-H are encouraged to wear green --or their favorite 4-H gear --Oct. 9.

Anyone interested in signing up for 4-H can call the county extension at 857-3654 or visit the office at 814 S. Federal Blvd. No. 100.

"They can get signed up with a club (that is) the right fit," Malcolm said. "If you have questions, stop in and we'll be happy to visit."

According to its website, 4-H is a youth development program of the Cooperative Extension System of land-grant universities involving more than 6 million children nationwide. For more information visit 4-H.org.