Firefighters responded to 2,169 emergencies in past 12 months

Oct 7, 2015 By Kelli Ameling, Staff Writer

Local departments observe National Fire Prevention Week through Saturday.

During National Fire Prevention Week, local firefighters spend time educating community members, students, business owners and civic groups about general fire safety, but the annual event also is an opportunity to highlight the work firefighters do to protect area residents.

Between Oct. 1, 2014, and Sept. 30, 2015, fire departments within Fremont County were dispatched 2,169 times to assist with structure fires, wildfires, vehicle crashes and everything in between.

Of those pages, 1,025 were for controlled burns, 240 were for personal-injury crashes and 195 were for grass/tree/brush fires.

Departments covered 96 structure fires during that time frame as well, though the Fremont County Sheriff's Office, which operates dispatch services for the fire departments, noted that firefighters may be called to a reported structure fire that turns out to be something else, such as a trash fire.

Departments serve each of their own areas, but they often are called to assist other fire departments as well.

Fremont County

The Fremont County Fire Protection District consists of 13 battalions and about 200 volunteer firefighters who serve the rural areas of Fremont County.

Those areas include Riverton, Lysite, Lander, Missouri Valley, Morton-Kinnear, Crowheart, Pavillion, Midvale, Atlantic City, Hudson, North Portal, Fort Washakie and Shoshoni.

FCFPD warden Craig Haslam said one of the biggest achievements for the district in the past year was educating the public about fire prevention. The district is working on getting a trailer to take to schools and other events to promote fire prevention.

Haslam also mentioned that the construction of the new Hudson Fire Hall is a big accomplishment. His department is in the beginning stages of getting a 30,000-gallon water tank in Atlantic City as well.

The district responded to 32 structure fires Oct. 1, 2014, to Sept. 30, 2015, with Battalion 12 in Fort Washakie receiving the most calls: 155.


The Riverton Volunteer Fire Department responded to 257 pages between Oct. 1, 2014, and Sept. 30, 2015.

The 37-member department serves community members in the city of Riverton, which contains about 10,600 people.

In the past year, the RVFD has seen an increase in volunteers, which RVFD chief Scott Walters said was the department's biggest accomplishment

Between Oct. 1, 2014, and Sept. 30, 2015, fire alarms made up the most calls (56) for the department. Rounding out the top calls were grass/tree/brush fires, with 45 pages, and structure fires, with 32 pages.


The Lander Volunteer Fire Department consists of 40 firefighters who responded to 216 pages between Oct. 1, 2014, and Sept. 30, 2015.

The department serves community members in the city of Lander, which contains about 7,500 people.

LVFD fire administrator Nick Hudson said the biggest accomplishment for the department within the last year was being able to do extensive training with a new aerial ladder.

"Just about every training from last October until the middle of this summer included learning and using the new platform aerial," Hudson said. "This included joint training with the Lander Rural Fire Department."

The No. 1 page for the LVFD was for fire alarms, at 34 calls. Rounding out the top pages during the time period was grass/tree/brush fires, at 16 calls, and structure fires, at 14 calls.


The Dubois Volunteer Fire Department responded to 155 pages from Oct. 1, 2014, to Sept. 30, 2015.

The department serves about 1,000 people within the city limits of the town of Dubois.

Dubois firefighters responded to 107 pages regarding controlled burns during the past year. They also responded to 15 fire alarms and 11 grass/tree/brush fires.

Jeffrey City

Between Oct. 1, 2014, and Sept. 30, 2015, the Jeffrey City Volunteer Fire Department responded to 16 calls.

The department serves about 60 people in the town of Jeffrey City.

The department's top page during the past year was for controlled burns, with six pages.