Magic delivered through the door

Aug 18, 2016 Betty Starks Case

"Knowing I'm on the street where you live ..."

The once popular song dances through my mind.

Am I imagining a street of dreams, or the one in the song written by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe, made popular by singer Nat King Cole?

Or might this be about the town where we live? Right now.

"Oh, the towering feeling

Just to know somehow you are near... "

Husband Ned had been dealing with some health problems. I was worried and wrung out. Then, last Saturday, neighbor Barbara came in our front door carrying homemade cookies and banana bread. At that precise moment, brother Earl and sis-in-law Sharon entered the back door bringing more yummy homemade cookies.

These couples had never met.

"Does enchantment pour, out of every door?..."

No. It pours in. Not as sorcery or witchcraft. But how about magic?

Like rescue from a wasp attack?

I walked over to talk to a little neighbor dog and almost grabbed a busy wasp nest on a neighbor's fence bordering our drive. Barb reported it to her husband. Carl hurried over to dispose of the wicked winged creatures that have descended in hordes on human homes this summer.

A scan of the high peaks of our house, breezeway and garage sent Earl off for more wasp spray and his helpful son, Tim.

All around our house and garage ladders went up; wasp nests came down.

Just days earlier, Earl's riding mower had appeared; tall lawn grass came down.

I'll admit such generous brotherly aid is somewhat of a miracle considering that talented musician had recently discovered his graceful blue wood treble clef carving stood backward on my fireplace mantel!

"People (probably musicians) stop and stare,

They don't bother me..."

I'm just a word wrangler and a sometime artist. That's why I love his artistic treble clef, even if I didn't realize it was backward.

And yet, "There's no place on earth that I would rather be..."

One day brother Charles came bringing sweet corn, beets and greens from his garden where a high new garden fence stopped a deer in its tracks. I heard she took one long upward glance, shook her head and walked off. Almost anyone else would have taken the time to admire the fine art of the job. But the deer knew defeat when she faced it.

Another thing - our morning newspapers appear mysteriously at our front door instead of at the far end of a long driveway. Or in the next-door yard. A thoughtful neighbor is believed to be taking time for this caring act on his way to work.

"And oh, the towering feeling

Just to know others are near

The overpowering feeling

That any time she may suddenly appear ..."

Here, I refer to longtime neighbor-friend-daughter-nurse-chauffer Rose who arrived to do leg work for our upcoming roofing job, escort us to medical appointments for my mate (who must have overdosed on our recent school reunion/wedding anniversary), and stock our food supply and prescriptions. And whatever more needed to be done.

We've heard that moose are frequenting the yard of this generous, helpful friend. I'm wondering just what type aid the moose might expect. Moose I've met generally aren't that friendly. But this yard seems to welcome all types of wildlife. If needed, they may be fed or cared for. Just like us.

By now, you may feel I've fractured a truly beautiful song. This is beyond my power to control. The words, somehow apropos, just keep falling in line.

Some songs are like that. They don't give up. Or fade away.

"Let the time go by

I don't care if I

Can be here

In the town where you live..."