Power company urges electrical safety on Thanksgiving Day

Nov 10, 2016 From wire reports

Rocky Mountain Power is stressing that appropriate precautions with electricity increases safety when operating appliances - an issue that becomes even more important as November ushers in a season of feasts and indoor entertainment.

"The most important things to remember as people come together is to use electrical cords that are in good repair and to keep cords tucked safely out of reach of children and out of walkways," said Mike Felice, Rocky Mountain Power health and safety director.

When cooking on a stovetop, the power company urges customers to:

- Turn pan handles inward on the cooktop - don't let handles project out over the edge of the stove where they can be bumped or reached by young children.

- Keep towels and hot pads off the stove top.

- While cooking and when removing food from the range to serve it, keep children a safe distance from the appliance.

Using small appliances will save energy while at the same time being a convenient way to prepare food.

- Check to see that electrical cords are in good repair before using the appliance.

- Place the appliance in a safe location on the counter - solid surface and away from combustible materials like curtains.

- Keep cords tucked back away from work areas and passage ways.

Because they use less energy and time to prepare food, microwave ovens are extremely efficient and have become a mainstay in today's kitchens.

- Use hot pads when removing food from the appliance as the food becomes very hot. The food will get just as hot as when using any other cooking method, and that heat transfers to the dishes as well.

- While many microwave ovens are positioned at eye level for convenience, exercise caution when removing containers filled with food because you are reaching upwards to retrieve it.

- Use rigid containers to avoid spilling hot food and causing burns.

- Variable power levels can be your friend for gently re-heating food you've previously prepared for your holiday feast.