Trump may run his mouth but he will do a good job

Nov 13, 2016 Mary Sue Shoup, Riverton


I CANNOT believe this government! Paying out benefits to our service people and NOW saying they have to pay it all back!!!


Come on! We are already screwing them and the rest of the United States when it comes to giving any kind of assistance needed, and now, after they have managed to eke out what they were able to get, the government says give it back! What a bunch of crooks!

I'll guarantee you, if it were them (government)and they were in the same shoes, they wouldn't put up with it!

Shame on our government...SHAME SHAME SHAME

I, for one, am so glad Clinton didn't get in. She would have continued the downfall of our nation. Following in the footsteps of another thief and traitor!

Trump may let his mouth (run) but at least he's not handing our country over to the foreign countries or to those who dish out the most money! I think he'll do a great job. And I don't doubt if things turn hairy, he won't shy away from standing up for us and not backing down so as not to 'step on anyone's toes'! STOMP away my man!!! No disrespect intended Mr. President!

God help us all! He's gonna have a hard road to clean up...that's for sure, I hope everyone...whether they voted for him or not will come together to try and pull our country back into shape before we lose it all together.

We've lost pride in our leaders and that's a shame. We put them in office, yet when they don't do right, we sit back and just complain without doing anything to fix it.

We need to stand up for our country, for ourselves and for our Flag!

God Bless America

God Bless Our Troops

God Bless Trump

A very concerned voter, American and very strong supporter of our troops.

God Bless....