Columns about heart attack funny and informative

Jan 4, 2017 Loretta Lefforge, Riverton


I, my daughter and my 98-year-old mother want to thank Steve Peck for sharing his heart attack and triple bypass surgery with readers. His account was the most entertaining, informative and couldn't-wait-for-the-next-installment story we've ever read in The Ranger. (And what a glorious sense of humor Steve has.)

My mother can't see to read, so I read The Ranger to her. While reading Steve's columns I sometimes couldn't see to read for the tears in my eyes from laughing.

My father had triple bypass years ago and lived to be 95, after also getting stents and balloons.

We wish Steve all the best, and may he never have a second experience like this. Thanks to God, the doctors, EMTs, etc. who kept this a life and not a death experience.