EPA made good decision on delay of uranium regs

Jan 19, 2017 Mike Enzi, U.S. Senator R-Wyo. Washington, D.C.


This month the Environmental Protection Agency withdrew its proposed rule that would have put new regulations on in-situ uranium recovery.

I applaud the decision, which will essentially allow President-elect Donald Trump's new administration to decide the fate of the proposed regulations.

In-situ uranium recovery has been used in the United States for decades, providing valuable jobs to Wyoming and clean energy to the nation.

Wyoming currently produces the largest share of uranium in the United States.

I rarely say this about the EPA, but the agency made the right decision in delaying implementation of this new rule, which could burden the industry with unnecessary red tape.

I urge President-elect Donald Trump to carefully review the proposed rule so the new administration can clearly understand the consequences of these regulations on a vital industry.