Whatever happened to indecent exposure?

Aug 1, 2012 Mary Sue Shoup, Riverton


I wonder what it's going to take to make people wake up and see what is going on.

When you get a letter from someone out-of-state complaining about somebody in a restaurant with his pants down around his backside, and not one person in charge of the restaurant does anything to correct the situation, it's pretty bad.

I'd like to know what happened to "indecent exposure"?

Just how much more are these people going to be allowed to show before something is done to stop it?

I know I've complained a lot about this kind of stuff and I still see the employees and customers still wearing their pants down past the crack of their butts.

Come on, people. You won't let someone come in without shirt and shoes, yet you're going to allow someone to come in or work in your establishment wearing their pants so low they may as well not have them on?

I wonder if anyone has ever told these people just how disgusting they look. Apparently not. I've seen little children wearing their clothes like this too. The next thing we'll see is someone coming in with no pants on, no underpants on, no bra, no shirt on top of the bra... I've already seen that come close to happening already.

What about our rights not to have to look at stuff like this? I'd like to know the name of the restaurant this person went to. I'd be sure not to do business there any longer either.

Good way to drive business away from Riverton, folks! And then we can't understand why Riverton isn't growing...hmmm.

I may just Google her name and see if I can find an address and apologize for what she went through. Apparently this business and no one else's is important enough any longer for a manager to do something to correct the problem. Nice going, folks. The slobs win again.