District 25 reworks busing and facilities following resignation

Jun 18, 2017 By Daniel Bendtsen, Staff Writer

After the resignation of Michael Forget, transportation supervisor for Riverton schools, the district's busing administration is being restructured to be under the direct authority of Larry Hartwell, supervisor of buildings and grounds.

"This is unique. This has been done before, but it's not a common way of doing it," said superintendent Terry Snyder.

While Hartwell will head both departments, the district will hire day-to-day "coordinators" for both busing and facilities.

Snyder said the facilities coordinator will get paid "slightly more than a regular custodian" and could be eyed as an eventual replacement for Hartwell.

Snyder said the new system will both save money and should provide stability to the busing department.

Forget's direct supervisor had been Lu Beecham, the district's business manager, while Hartwell had reported directly to Snyder.

Hartwell will now report to Snyder for both duties.

"He doesn't need two bosses," Snyder said.