Electoral college protects interests of smaller states

Jul 11, 2017 John A. Boesch Jr., Riverton


My opinion: We have a huge federal financial debt, and Wyoming is experiencing a shortfall because of cowardly people elected to office, state and federal.

Any domestic regulation that is controlled by the federal government is a one-solution-fits-all, and with the House of Representativesand the Senate elected by popular vote, we have the same people electing both houses.

In states with large metropolitan populations that outnumber the more rural populations, the metropolitan areas dominate the politics of those states. Examples are California, Illinois, and New York with their massive debts, welfare, failing education, unfunded retirements, etc. If it were not for the electoral college electing our president we would be controlled by four four states.

Based on my observations, Cheyenne, is more like Denver than the rest of Wyoming, are trying to spend money more for prestige than for need. Our schools enjoy great buildings and equipment, but do not expect students toreallylearn, whether it is for higher or vocational purposes.

Wyoming legislators need to set the goals for Wyoming, instead of the feds setting them, for education, healthcare, land management, etc. Your vote counts, and you need to use your influence on friends and relatives wherever they live.