CWC's FY18 budget set; a bit more money in final version

Jul 21, 2017 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

The annual budget approved this week by the Central Wyoming College Board of Trustees had changed a little since it initially was proposed in May.

All of the changes were positive, however, resulting in more than a $3 million increase in the overall budget total, which rose from $30.7 million to $33.9 million.

Jackson purchase

Willie Noseep, CWC's vice president for administrative services, explained that the major monetary modification had to do with the acquisition of land in Jackson.

Earlier this year, Teton County voters agreed to spend $3.82 million from a special purpose excise tax to pay for property and architectural and engineering designs for a CWC center in Jackson.

Money from the tax won't start coming in until December, so the school will provide the cash for the property purchase using reserve funds for now.

The land chosen for the center - which is slated to serve students in culinary arts, nursing, allied health and outdoor education, as well as those seeking foundational courses, business degrees, entrepreneurial success classes and more - is located on Veronica Lane in Jackson, close to established mass transit lines in a developed area with commercial property nearby.

The land is across the street from a caf called Picnic and around the corner form the main Jackson post office and the Albertson's grocery store.

Assessed value

An adjustment in Fremont County's assessed valuation will mean almost $100,000 more in revenue will come in through CWC's mill levies this year.

Noseep said local valuation first was estimated at about $611 million, but the most recent assessment increased that total to about $631 million.

"As soon as the estimate of the valuation goes up (it) increases our local valuation levels that come in through that levy," Noseep said.

He noted that the final valuation number won't be certified until later in the summer. If the total changes and impacts college revenues at that time, the budget will be adjusted again.

Noseep also pointed out that, while the assessed valuation is set to rise this year, it is much lower than it has been in the past.

"Two years ago... it went down approximately 27 percent," Noseep said. "That caused a drop of about $1.1 million (for us). That was a big cut that year in relation to our budget. And it happened at the same time as the state reductions."

A report from 2015 indicated Fremont County's assessed value was almost $917 million.


A new cosmetology program makes up the final change to CWC's budget for fiscal year 2018. Noseep said a grant-funded cosmetology professor started work July 1, with another faculty member - this one not funded by a grant - set to come on board in spring 2018.

The change should result in more tuition revenue, but it also adds corresponding expenses, both of which were added to next year's budget.

Noseep said cosmetology classes will be held at Styles School of Cosmetology in Riverton until a long-term plan is developed.

"We're in the process of going through a couple options," Noseep said.

One idea is to renovate the Professional Technical center or another building on campus.

Salary, staff

In addition to the budget, the CWC board approved salary adjustments and staffing changes for 2018.

Noseep said the school's compensation plan doesn't anticipate any salary adjustments, though some increases for educational advancement may be forthcoming.

Staffing changes included the two new cosmetology professors as well as a new international recruiter position.

Another change moved a 10-month counselor/student success coordinator to a 12-month director of student success.