'Trump, Trump, Trump' news might not be enjoyable, but it is necessary

Aug 6, 2017 Melissa Sewald, Lander


In his column of Sunday, July 9, Randy Tucker said he was tired that all the TV news had on it was "Trump, Trump, Trump." He said he liked a Japanese TV news show that was more entertaining.

Well, Donald Trump is not the president of Japan. If he were, they would be covering "Trump, Trump, Trump" all the time, too. If by saying "don't engage him," you mean "don't pay attention to what he does," we could be in big trouble.

With him or anyone else as president, we need to be paying attention very closely all the time.

I did not vote for Hillary Clinton, so this is not a political position. I am saying, just for the good of the country, a president like Trump who has so much disorder around him all the time can't just be ignored.

I am glad Mr. Tucker enjoyed the news from Japan, but we have a very important man in our country that makes a lot of controversial news, so I will take "Trump, Trump, Trump" news to try to keep him in line.