Tuesday first day of school

Aug 18, 2017 By Daniel Bendtsen, Staff Writer

Students throughout Fremont County School District 25 will return to school Tuesday for another year of enrichment and learning.

Teachers and administrators have been hosting open houses in preparation for the beginning of the school year, given parents and students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with classrooms and buildings.

They also have been making changes to staffing and infrastructure in order to better serve local students.


The Riverton school board approved the hiring of another teacher, Iliea Brown, to help accommodate an enrollment increase at Aspen Early Learning Center.

As of last week, 225 students had signed up for kindergarten at Aspen, and principal Sheryl Esposito said another 15 children were expected to register for the upcoming year.

Last school year, enrollment peaked at 175.

Part of the spike is attributed to the roughly 40 Kinder-Boost students who will return to the school this fall.

Kinder-Boost is a junior kindergarten class that was first implemented last year. It provides additional support to kindergarten-aged students for up to two years.

The program was developed to ensure all students are adequately prepared when they enter first grade. It also aims to eliminate the stigma of retention.


The school board in Riverton also approved spending about $43,500 to repair and upgrade existing partition walls at Riverton High School.

The project should allow for more privacy for the RHS counseling department.

Previously, the offices have relied on sliding glass doors that have been ineffective in blocking sound.

In a letter thanking school officials for taking action, counselors said that conversations in their offices have occasionally been audible "verbatim" from the outside.

"During the school year, the topics of conversation that occur throughout our department are very confidential in nature. These conversations can be emotional and the tone/volume can quickly escalate," the counselors said. "The students and/or parents that are included in these conversations, mediations, assessments ... expect their private matters to remain that way. However, this is not always the situation."

The approved work will also upgrade the ceiling grid, HVAC, electrical and fire suppression systems in the library and counselor offices.