New school year comes with hike on lunch prices in Riverton district

Aug 20, 2017 By Daniel Bendtsen, Staff Writer

When students return to classes this week in the Riverton school district, they'll be faced with some increases to meal prices.

The biggest increase, however, will come to adults.

Last year, lunch cost $1.90 for grade-schoolers, $2.15 for those in middle school and high school, and $2.70 for adults.

This year, however, grade-schoolers will be charged $2.25, middle- and high-schoolers will be charged $2.45, and adults will face a $1.05 increase for a new lunch price of $3.75.

When the school board debated the increases in June, superintendant Terry Snyder said the significant adult price increase was appropriate because Riverton schools have among the highest salaries in the state while lunch prices have been far below the average.

Despite the increase, lunch prices will remain below the state average and Snyder said the district is "not even close to breaking even."

"We don't want to embarrass kids, but we do have to receive payment for our services," he said.

In addition to the increase to lunch prices, breakfast prices will be raised by $0.10 for all students, witha $0.75 increase for adults.