Use rainy day fund so Wyoming citizens can 'feel more secure'

Aug 23, 2017 Burt Rensinghous, Riverton


I do agree with the woman from Cheyenne who wrote in saying it is more important to shore up health care in Wyoming than to sit on the billions of dollars in the state rainy day fund.

The benefit to beings a small state in terms of population is we can take action for ourselves without waiting for the three-ring circus in Washington to get around to doing something for the people.

If all this money we saved up can be put to use for the benefit of the people of the State of Wyoming, I ask "what it is good for?"

With our hospitals in Wyoming being bought up more and more by big corporations that run them like widget factories for profit, what they call the "human element" of health care is going up in smoke.

The same goes for all the insurance companies leaving Wyoming. We don't matter because we are so small. So I say we can help ourselves with all this money we saved. I don't say spend it all, but enough so we can feel more secure about having health coverage.