Climate-concerned citizens have a place to go locally

Aug 24, 2017 Linda Olinger, Riverton


Readers, if you happened to have read the Ranger's Wednesday, Aug. 9, op-ed headlined "Climate worries? Fine, but what about action?" and agree with the conclusion that people want to take individual action on climate but also want to feel part of broader, collective action, you might consider joining Citizens Climate Lobby/Climate Education.

CCL has chapters all across the U.S. and five chapters here in Wyoming one of which is our local Wind River Chapter. It meets every second Saturday morning in the Lander Library at 10:30 a.m.

We are especially proud of our work along with Friends National Committee on Legislation,

Environmental Defense Fund and Conservatives for Responsible Stewardship in getting passage of House Resolution 195, the so called Gibson Resolution, now called the Republican Climate Resolution.

Citizens Climate Lobby was also instrumental in the creation of the House Bi-Partisan Climate Solutions Caucus. This caucus is at the moment composed of 25 Republican and 25 Democrats and grows by adding new members in Noah's fashion of two on board at a time: one Republican and one Democrat.

You may have seen CCL highlighted in two episodes of "Years of Living Dangerously" that aired on the National Geographic Channel on Nov. 30 and Dec 7, 2016. If so, you would know that we are an international organization of volunteers working to create the political will for bipartisan action on climate change.

The website "" makes it easy to join a community of people working collectively and individually on the issue of climate change at both a local and international levels.