UW to develop better disease test

Aug 24, 2017 From staff reports

Researchers in the Department of Veterinary Sciences at the University of Wyoming will use a $149,000 grant from the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research to help develop a quicker, cheaper and more accurate test to detect brucellosis.

The money will help fund studies to detect swine brucellosis (Brucella suis), which is prevalent among feral swine in most of the United States, but not yet in Wyoming.B. suiscan also infect domestic swine and cattle where their populations overlap.

The money will help continue efforts toward creating a polymerase chain reaction analysis, an ongoing effort by Dr. Brant Schumaker, DVM, and associate professor in the department.

There is a growing pressure for hog producers to move from confinement production to natural or pasture-raised swine. Blood testing cannot discriminate between cattle brucellosis (Brucella abortus) and B.suisexposures.

UW and Texas A&M will match the grant for a total of $299,000 for the project.