County seizes gravel, then buys it back for local work

Sep 27, 2017 By Daniel Bendtsen Staff Writer, with staff reports

The Fremont County Treasurer's office recently seized 8,500 tons of gravel from a local company that owed a substantial amount of back taxes to government coffers.

That gravel now will be used for public road projects.

Winning bid

Per policy, the gravel was put up for auction. The material didn't make it very far, however, after the county's own roads department placed the winning bid of $50,750.

Normally, transportation supervisor Dave Pendleton said, he would have paid about $67,000 for that amount of gravel.

In an ironic twist, the materials often are purchased from the same company from which the gravel was seized.

It was a lucky break for the department that's been cash-strapped by the economic downturn. There are numerous roads that need graveling, and Fremont County Commission Chairman Travis Becker said he'd like to see a "plan of action" for how the gravel will be distributed before Pendleton starts using it.

A lien was also put on the gravel company's property.