There are some good places to start with federal funding cuts

Mar 6, 2013 Mary Sue Shoup, Riverton


After reading about this upcoming "cut" we are all going to be experiencing, I have a few good ideas where to start with some excellent cuts.

1. The president and his family and all the vacations they seem to take during the year. Come on, no one needs trips to Hawaii every time you turn around, and golfing or taking our country's top-paid jets off just to go shopping or whatever it is they do.

2. Cut back on some of those ridiculous wages that are being paid to our government officials. No one is worth that much money. Not even professional athletics. Millions of dollars just to play football, baseball, basketball, tennis, or whatever.

Last time I heard, we, the American people were the ones who actually pay their salaries, and I darn sure don't see any of them that are worth anywhere near the money they are being paid.

3. Cutting back on any of our military or military equipment is the worse thing that they could do. We are just being opened up for attack, and we have no protection.

They have already closed so many of our military bases, it's ridiculous, now they don't want to send a ship where it is needed.

4. Sure -- let all the illegal immigrants out of jail so we can continue to support them. Let them move into our communities so they can continue to kill, steal and terrorize us.

They don't have to work, all they have to do is go ask for a handout, and it's given to them. I can only guess whose idea that was.

5. Taxes, taxes, taxes. It would be interesting to see what people had to pay for taxes back in the 1930s and 1940s compared to now. You can't even go to the bathroom anymore without paying.

Whatever happened to the American people standing up against our government and trying to fight for our rights? They are slowly being taken away from us, slowly but surely.

I've never seen people who are so afraid to say or do anything anymore for fear of offending someone. Grow a pair and get over it.

If I got upset every time I was called a name or had something off the wall said to me, I would be a total mental case.

I just hope that our country pulls its boot strings up and gets our "stuff' together before we totally lose it to the idiots that are supposed to be leading us.

Yeah, leading us right to the slaughter house.