Boston bomber shouldn't have right to stand trial in court

Jun 18, 2013 Mary Sue Shoup, Riverton


After watching and listening to everything that has been happening concerning the bombing in Boston and then the search to find the people responsible, I want to voice yet another opinion.

These two terrorists came to our country, lived here in our free country, went to our schools, I'm sure learned a lot of information they could carry back with them when they left for the trip back home. Got a scholarship, one was going to be a boxer, yet underneath it all, the terrorists were simmering.

Thank God for the police, the security people, all of those involved in finding these two killers.

God bless those that were killed and I pray every day for those that are still hospitalized or still suffering from their wounds. This should not have happened...not in this country.

As far as I'm concerned, these terrorists got what they deserved. What is really scaring me now is after reading a Ranger story about what happened during these days and how they decided not to read him his Miranda rights. Knowing how messed up our government is here, I wouldn't be at all surprised that he doesn't get off because of that.

I thought we had a policy that we don't negotiate with terrorists. He shouldn't have the opportunity to go to trial for what he and his brother did.

Those innocent people standing next to the bombs had no chance to fight for themselves.

I think we've been way too lenient on criminals. It seems they have more say than the victims anymore. It's about time those of us who have been the victims of criminal acts have the right to speak up and know that something is going to be done to those that victimized us.

Anyway, enough of my "rant." I'm so very sorry for what happened. Our United States is supposed to be a safe place to live and enjoy our freedoms, be it speaking, running, or whatever.

Don't let these terrorists destroy what we've worked so hard to achieve.