Don't leave stuff lying around; it can 'grow legs'

Jul 24, 2013 Mary Sue Shoup, Riverton

I thought it would be of interest to people who have a tendency to leave items like purses, car parts, or anything else that can grow legs just lying around...not to do it.

As I was preparing to leave for work one morning recently, I noticed two people walking down the alley by my house. They were going pretty slow, so it drew my attention.

I waited until they were past and then opened my garage door. As I pulled out to go down the alley, I saw them over by my neighbor's garage doors. He does a lot of work on his cars and has lots of parts lying outside his garage.

They saw me coming, so they turned around and started coming back toward me.

I rolled down my window and told them to get out of our alley and that I was calling the police.

They kept walking... still slowly, so I drove up the street a ways to see what they were going to do. When I didn't see them show up, I drove around half of the block and pulled back into my alley.

Yup..they had turned around and gone back to this guys garage and when they saw me, tried to dump the armloads of car parts they had confiscated by the trash container.

I had told the police what they were doing and to please hurry up and get there as I had stuff behind my garage too, although it's covered up. When I got back to my house, there were two police cars in the alley by my house, and one of the people was already inside the car.

The police pulled up by the trash bin to look around. I couldn't stay to see what happened as I was already late for work, but at least I stopped one theft from happening.

The cop said they were transients and they had been having a string of thefts like what I had seen.

I just don't understand people. They were basically busted before they even did the actual act and were stupid enough to think I would just drive off and not worry about going back to check.

I doubt if anything is going to be done to them, which is a shame. As it wasn't my property, I probably couldn't have done anything about it, but I would still like to see some kind of consequence for things like that.

So beware...those of you who are the trusting could and probably has happened to you too. I'm going to have to try and find some place else to put my stuff.

Now that I know they are stealing like this, I don't trust anyone.