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Local dollars

When you 'shop small,' you are a very important person

There are many reasons to shop using the Internet.
But there are some good ones to shop ...

We could use a dose of Twain

One of the great author's final works has resonance today, a century later.

He was one of America's great humorists, an author with possibly the ...

It's here

When winter arrives, it arrives

No season can match winter for an emphaticstart. The fact was made clear again over the past couple of ...

Plants are nice, but can they purr?

I'm the proud owner of my first houseplant, but I was glad to see a furry friend during Thanksgiving break.

A few weeks ago, my classmate gave me a ...

Giving thanks for, of all things, a chair

It's one of many treasures from my many families, and I'm thankful for all

Thanksgiving traditions in America are many and varied. But having the ...

The pudding is done

At Thanksgiving, Lydia Child's words still ring

The American writer and editor Lydia Child wrote many hundreds of poems, essays, short stories and ...

Tuesday notes

Holiday housekeeping
This scheduling note for our readers: The Ranger will not publish this Thursday, Nov. 26 -- Thanksgiving Day. Our office at 421 ...

Money and priorities

Don't make education bear too much load

For the most part, the new century has been a lucrative one for Wyoming state government, and public ...

My season of farm breakdowns

The Oliver 1850 baler proved to be the real puzzler.

"Chop your own wood, and it will warm you twice," Henry Ford once said.
Ford was referring to ...

I can't get enough of craft fairs

It's my favorite time of the year. Soon, the local art tables, baked goods tables and all-around handmade crafts tables will be set out for the public at ...

Lemons and lemonade

Low oil prices are a two-sided coin

Month after month this year we have published news accounts of record visitation numbers at Yellowstone National ...

I'm gunning for the UFC octagon

And I have my fighting name (and my outfit) all picked out

Last weekend's UFC fight was a turning point for the people involved in it. Female ...

Stripes and arrows

Small parking problem may have an easy solution

A small but welcome bit of infrastructure work took place recently along the west side of the ...


Edible marijuana products a riddle for state lawmakers

Walk into a commercial cannabis shop in neighboring Colorado, and you might think you've ...

Tuesday notes

So far, so good
November is holding up its end of the bargain so far, that is, staving off early winter. Dedicated followers of our daily weather ...

I never could pass the shuttle run

Once upon a time, there was a national fitness test for every kid in public school.

It is the antithesis of the immensely popular academic "feel-good ...

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Air service in Fremont County could live or die on the results of an FAA appeal

Fremont County residents have an opportunity to help restore reliable ...

Lummis retiring

The 2016 election in Wyoming just got a lot more interesting

Cynthia Lummis probably got more attention nationally in the few weeks before she ...

Armor that saved Dad's life

I heard it had been 'repurposed,' and I approve

A memory of a metal World War I helmet is ingrained in my childhood. The unusual headgear was stored ...

Pennies for gravel

Our unpaved roads are worthy recipients of 1 percent tax funds

If you live in Fremont County, then you drive on gravel roads. Depending on your place ...


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