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Bears in Yellowstone used to be fed potato chips from car window

Reading the news and letters about wild animals and people in Yellowstone, I wonder how many people these days know how things used to be? I remember ...

Questions being deflected on cost of 'grandiose' Hot Springs plans

Through years of attendance at state park facilities, we have been impressed with the staff that we have met in these facilities.Friends, family and ...

Iran nuclear agreement a dangerous deal for U.S.

Last week U.S. Senate Democrats blocked a key procedural vote in an effort to pave the way for President Barrack Obama's controversial Iran nuclear ...

'Crazy driving' takes place in school rush

I see the point in saying "stay home" during school rush hour unless you simply have got to be on the way to work. But I also think that should be a ...

Drivers must be responsive to emergency vehicles on road

As the interim director of Fremont County Ambulance, I want to inform all Fremont County residents that there are ambulances and expedition command ...

Capitol renovation news shows the 'government at its worst'

Every time there is another news item about the remodeling of the state capitol building in Cheyenne, I think "this is government at its worst."
This ...

'Keep up the good work' on 1 percent street jobs

It is a bit harder to get around town in Riverton these days on some streets, but I am all for it because the 1 percent tax money is being used for ...

Wyoming law is handling crisis center shootings

For the life of me, I can't see why anyone would hope that the federal government would come into Riverton and find that a hate crime had happened. ...

Labor Day's focus highlights contributions of Job Corps

For more than 100 years, Americans have celebrated the great contributions of the nation's workers on Labor Day. On Monday, we marked another Labor ...

Nothing wrong with noting demographics of commission as replacement was considered

I congratulate Andrea Clifford on being chosen for the county commission. She is the only Democrat and the only woman, and she is a tribal member ...

Information sought on local Navy seaman killed in 1951

A resident of the Riverton community died in a Navy ship collision and fire on May 14, 1951, of Cape Henry on the East Coast. He was Seaman Apprentice ...

Lack of common sense near wild animals 'baffles the mind'

After living in Wyoming since 1956, it still baffles the mind when I read of people being gored, attacked or otherwise injured up in ...

Wind or coal, no energy source is perfect answer

I am a believer in "alternative" energy for the future. But I do see the point made by Kerry Dwight, who wrote a letter to the editor about the impact ...

If stations close, trash could end up on roadsides

If the county makes it harder to throw away trash by closing down the transfer stations and everything but the big landfills, you can bet that people ...

Violence within tribes is evident

I am not against doing studies and tests to see if there is racism in the police department or violence on Native Americans by whites. If there is, it ...

Smoke from fires 'pollutes the air and ruins the forests'

Mr. Peck's editorial about air pollution hit the nail on the head. I am not expert enough to know how much power plants burning coal harms the air, ...

There are things we all can do to protect 'spaceship Earth'

I very much enjoyed Chris Peck's last two columns, but especially the ...

Good memories of 'very special' pair

It is hard to believe that they are gone, but most definitely not forgotten. Art and Alice Shanley were two very special people. It has been two years ...

Center of Hope still a vital facility; other services big contributors, too

The City of Riverton is dealing with the shock of the shootings that took place on July 18 at the
Center of Hope, formerly known as the Riverton ...

Space at fair 'can be used better'

I agree with the letter from Ms. Desenfants on the use of the old armory building at the county fair.
A lot of the woven products were folded up so ...


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