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What animals know that we don't

In my experience, it's a considerable amount

Horses? I'm probably the last columnist in Wyoming you'd expect to be informed on the subject. But a ...

A toe in the pool

The Legislature takes a real look at higher taxes for public education

Tuesdaynightin Cheyenne, a committee of Wyoming legislators voted to raise ...

Why Aunt Eleanor shot the goat

It was the first time she'd fired a gun, but she didn't miss

As we sat down to the feast at Thanksgiving Aunt Eleanor would always say, "This year ...

Tuesday notes

The freezer is on
It looks as if the entire month of January is going to pass without delivering us what longtime weather watchers like to refer to as ...

Local march might be start of something

Not everyone agreed on the same things, but they all wanted to participate.

Last Saturday morning's "Women's March" in Lander was an interesting ...

No secret solution

Legislation showing cuts to the state education budget is not a cheery document

Anyone holding out hope that there might be some secret stash of ...

Newspaper awards

The Ranger and its staff members showed well in the state competition

The Ranger and our sister newspapers participate each winter in the Wyoming ...

Things you learn as workouts resume

I'm thinking of 'sweatphones,' $2.50 cups of ice and the effect of holiday food on the gluteus maximi.

I returned to Iowa, last week, and began my ...

Just as we thought

Sure enough, this is one of the hardest winters in local history

Well, at least now we know what we're up against. The snowiest early winter in local ...

What she did, and what she'll do

We have much to learn about our new first lady
We have a new year and a new president. Everything on the political front is as fresh and surprising as ...

Tribe's trash offer

It's enticing -- but only if some major questions are answered first

"Exciting" probably isn't the best word to describe ongoing developments in ...

Tuesday notes

Old-school winter
Where will the winter of 2016-17 rank in terms of all-time snowiness in the Riverton Valley? Higher on the list than it ranked ...

Rice isn't brown and dry?

Not all of it, anyway, which is my happy new discovery

For much of my life, I was convinced that rice was brown, mostly dry, and a poor substitute ...

Rice isn't brown and dry?

Answer time
Donald Trump has taken office

If you thought electing Barack Obama represented a risk-taking social experiment for America, think again. The ...

Edward Roberts

Edward Roberts of Shoshoni passed away on January 7, 2017. He was 58.
A memorial service will be held at 1 p.m. Sunday, January 29, 2017 at the Shoshoni ...

For Trump, rejection is promotion

He's more fascinating psychologically than politically

Will I get tweeted? Twaddled? Twiddled? (Hey, they're all in the dictionary).
What will be ...

Grizzly bears in schools

Education nominee's odd remark gave unexpected attention to Wyoming

Wyoming doesn't often come up during confirmation hearings for a presidential ...



A child was born to Kelsey Brown of Lander and Alexander Waterman of Riverton at 3:03 p.m. ...

CREG's new guess

The new state revenue estimate is better, but not by enough to matter

It turns out that the Wyoming Consensus Revenue Estimating Group is a lot ...

Tuesday notes

A cold one
We're halfway through January now, and our old, cold winter is continuing. We've only seen a day or two above freezing since Christmas, and ...


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