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'The ignorance is just beginning' with Trump

Mr. Liesinger wrote in about Donald Trump's ignorance about the Heart Mountain Japanese internment camp. People, what do you expect when Donald Trump ...

How about keeping some elements of recycling available?

The officials are talking about putting an end to recycling at the local level. I would suggest keeping the places to recycle open to he public so ...

Politics 'worse than sports' in producing sour grapes when the results don't match hopes

I am responding to the letter from Mr. Vranish of Evanston about what he called unfairness in the Wyoming Republican Party's convention, when Ted Cruz ...

Expulsion from school 'changed me, and I mean for the better'

This is regarding the editorial about "stipulated agreements" in Riverton's school district. They are being used as an option instead of expelling a ...

It would have been better for tribe to ID itself at land auction

When the 308 acres of land at the Wyoming Honor Farm went on sale at auction, I think the Shoshone Tribe, as a public entity, should have identified ...

Trump's comments on Japanese internment show 'awful ignorance'

In light of recent misguided political commentary--the most egregious coming from the mouth of the leading Republican presidential candidate--the Heart ...

County owes its gratitude to air service task force's efforts

I did enjoy and even relish your coverage of the Fremont County Air Service Task Force and its report to our local leaders. I am sure it has been hard ...

Sobriety could have saved lives of recent hypothermia victims

I have one question about the increasing deaths in Fremont County due to hypothermia. How many of these people who froze to death were sober at the ...

Good building codes are essential to responsible community development

America will celebrate Building Safety Month during May. The theme is Building Codes; Driving
Growth through Innovation, Resilience and Safety. Each ...

Some security must remain in place at Riverton Regional

When the new airline service starts up this summer, I hope there will be some kind of security system that will remain at Riverton Regional Airport. ...

Law Day focuses on Miranda, fairness in U.S. justice system

Every year since 1958, the nation has marked Law Day on May 1.
Law Day provides an opportunity for us to commemorate our national ideals of liberty, ...

Library roof replacement to begin soon

The roof and roof drainage system of the Riverton Library are being replaced.
The project will include some cement work and landscape renovation as well. The ...

Sale of Honor Farm land a 'historic event' for city

l cannot tell you how delighted l was to be able to attend the historic event that took place at CWC lnter-Tribal Education Center on April l2.
This ...

Open primary would help ensure fairness in Wyoming

As a delegate to the Wyoming State Republican Convention this year, I was disillusioned.It appeared to me some of the events that occurred in the ...

Transparency wasn't a priority in Honor Farm land dealings

The land adjoining Walmart that was sold by the Wyoming Honor Farm is referred to as non-productive farmland. I would like to see soil tests that ...

Defense of officiating at state basketball flawed an inaccurate

This letter is written in response to Randy Komrs's letters to the editor concerning officiating at the state tournament basketball.
First, let it ...

State committed to keeping laid-off workers in Wyoming

I have directed state agencies to respond immediately to support Wyoming individuals and families affected by energy-related layoffs. Over a dozen ...

Simple changes in budget process would benefit U.S.

America's current budget process is designed to fail. It is time to focus on creating a transparent, accountable and predictable process that actually ...

City 'performed pretty well' on snow removal

I read Carol Anderson's letter to the editor about snow removal in the City of Riverton. I do not have her familiarity with city ordinances, but it is ...

Work together to break the suicide cycle

"Wyoming has a suicide problem." This is the opening statement in the "2012 Report on Suicide in Wyoming," compiled by the Department of Health. The ...


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