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Change traffic law for bikes

Recently I read in the local newspaper about the deaths of two bicyclists killed in crashes in Wyoming.
In at least one of them, the victim was ...

Those who attended CERA conference were courageous

On behalf of Citizens Equal Rights Alliance, I want to thank the courageous members of the Riverton community who were curious and willing to attend ...

Here's how Republicans might win the White House in 2016

This is my advice to the Republican candidate who is scheduled to lose in the 2016
presidential elections. Namely, one no-name innocent. Should he ...

Does upstream storage even get talked about any more?

There was a lot of talk about flooding in this county over the past month, but nothing really came of it. We can be thankful for that. It did make me ...

She'll take in abandoned dog if nobody else can do it

Recently around 7 p.m. I was driving south on North Smith Road. I noticed a passenger car stopped in the oncoming lane.
As I got closer I noticed a ...

Government shouldn't have to pay 'liaisons' who are simply working as lobbyists for tribes

The state legislature and the governor are doing the right thing by cutting out funding for the "tribal liaison" positions. They aren't liaisons at ...

Energy industry gives opportunity to make a good living in Wyoming

I always make a point of going through your Ranger mining edition every year. I had an uncle and two cousins who worked in uranium mining in the 1960s ...

E-cig debate involves a manufactured cry of danger

I have seen coverage in your newspaper of "e-cigarettes." Here comes the sound of anti-smokers talking about the harms of e-cigarettes, you know, the ...

Good to have lawyer as gov to fight new EPA emission rules

I can't say I was ever glad to have a lawyer as the governor. There are enough of them in office as it is.
But if ever there was a right time, this ...

City, please do not give up on alley collection

Count me as against the city's plan to discontinue picking up trash in alleys. I am not convinced at all that this would save any time or money when ...

Consider the 'whole picture' on the welfare of animals

This is in reply to the rather callous mindset of Jenny Larnder's letter regarding helping the little dog out of a bad situation.
Such attitudes ...

CATS museum holds great promise, so please help out

CATS in Riverton? If this doesn't sound exciting, it should. Riverton is very fortunate to have a talented group of people, headed by Dr. Nance ...

Michigan setup on jurisdiction not same as Riverton's situation

I have nothing against the people from Michigan who came to Riverton to talk about how they were working out their issues on tribal and city ...

Old Riverton schoolmates sought from mid-1980s

I'm from Riverton but am living now in Springfield, Mo., but I used to live on East Park Ave. for most of my life, then later as an adult on Smith ...

Coal industry can't 'stick its head in sand'

The coal companies have known these new carbon pollution rules were coming for years. Wyoming had better not stick its head it the sand and hope the ...

City 'totally wrong' to do away with alley trash service

Regarding the city trying to quit doing trash pickup from dumpsters in the alleys, I think it is totally wrong to force that on people.
On a lot of ...

City's decision on alley trash collection ignores some

To the City of Riverton, mayor and council members:
Your decision, effective July 1, to eliminate alley trash containers and use only rollout ...

Lower speed limit at intersection of Honor Farm Road

Our hearts go out to the parties involved in the May 24 two-car collision at the notoriously dangerous intersection of Highway 789 and Honor Farm ...

Voter won't back anyone who votes to end dumpsters

I will say it here and now. I will not vote for any Riverton City Council or mayor candidate who votes to eliminate the trash collection in the ...

Decision to end alley dumpster service meets strong objection

I am writing in response to the Riverton City Council's decision to remove dumpsters for residential customers and replace them with roll-out ...


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