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If stations close, trash could end up on roadsides

If the county makes it harder to throw away trash by closing down the transfer stations and everything but the big landfills, you can bet that people ...

Violence within tribes is evident

I am not against doing studies and tests to see if there is racism in the police department or violence on Native Americans by whites. If there is, it ...

Smoke from fires 'pollutes the air and ruins the forests'

Mr. Peck's editorial about air pollution hit the nail on the head. I am not expert enough to know how much power plants burning coal harms the air, ...

There are things we all can do to protect 'spaceship Earth'

I very much enjoyed Chris Peck's last two columns, but especially the ...

Good memories of 'very special' pair

It is hard to believe that they are gone, but most definitely not forgotten. Art and Alice Shanley were two very special people. It has been two years ...

Center of Hope still a vital facility; other services big contributors, too

The City of Riverton is dealing with the shock of the shootings that took place on July 18 at the
Center of Hope, formerly known as the Riverton ...

Space at fair 'can be used better'

I agree with the letter from Ms. Desenfants on the use of the old armory building at the county fair.
A lot of the woven products were folded up so ...

Finding mental health services for those unable to pay is crucial

I read the editorial on mental health issues. You are completely right as far as individuals and families who are desperate to find mental health ...

Wind turbines a lot more visible than coal mines

When you drive south toward Denver on Interstate 80 and down into Colorado, the big windmills are everywhere. Now they are going to build more. It is ...

Peace march was a success

I thank the community for coming out Aug. 8 to participate in the inaugural peace march. It was a rousing success, and those of us who helped to ...

Reporter's choice of words went beyond what the story required

We read the article about Fremont County Commissioner ...

County fair parade 'helped people start feeling better'

I thought the county fair parade on July 25 was a very good answer to the community sadness over the people getting shot at the Center of Hope ...

Young people 'are really going to benefit' from Wind River Job Corps Center

As a former Riverton resident I have been following along as the new Wind River Job Corps Center is built. When I was a younger man I wanted to go to ...

Use Center of Hope tragedy for progress on real issues

On July 18 an incident took place whereby three men will never again return to the lives they have known. One gave up that life voluntarily, another ...

Privatizing Fremont County EMS service 'is a huge risk'

So now we are going to privatize the ambulance service? What's next, the sheriff's office and the fire department?
The county commissioners are ...

Valid points on mental health; services are available locally

On July 22 David Monhollen wrote an excellent letter to the editor with the headline "Many who need mental health services don't seek them, often ...

There is enough to enjoy in park without a drone

I was in Yellowstone National Park at the end of July, and there was a guy flying a "drone" air device around. I thought that was illegal in the park ...

Traffic light a good idea at Main/Major

Good job to everyone who got the better traffic light up and operating south of Riverton toward the casino. That is positive. It would be good to have ...

Shoplifting harms us all

The huge shoplifting problem we have in Fremont County affects all of us.
Every year, more than $13 billion in merchandise is stolen in the United ...

Access to health care remains a problem across rural America

Is rural America hazardous to your health?
The question is based on a finding that many of the health issues that plagued rural America a decade ago are ...


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