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Our low-expectation holiday

But if you want to stay busy, there's lots to do

I'm gearing up to celebrate Labor Day -- by doing absolutely nothing.
That's one thing that makes ...

Clear, calm and 78

That's the forecast for the first homefootball game for the Wolverines

Fremont County sports fans are excited at the return of the school sports ...

Remembering Maggie Kahin

Once upon a time, I wrote a book about her

Ecumenical? What does it mean? The odd-sounding word came alive when I met Dr. Maggie Kahin, founder of ...

An industry outdoors

Amid energy slowdown hunting, fishing revenue vital to Wyoming

Walking across the sagebrush prairie on the first day of hunting season, or standing ...

A couple of clicks back to 1817

I knew a woman who knew a man born two centuries ago

Pete and Eleanor Ridgeway, my uncle and aunt, lived a few blocks north of Eugene Street, which ...

Tuesday notes

August wanes
September is near, the month when summer ends. The quality of the days, the evening, the light, the sunset, the air and the water is ...

Attracting voters

People get interested in elections when elections are interesting

A little more than half of Fremont County's registered voters participated in the ...

Goodbye to a good old gym

Shoshoni's state-of-the-art gymnasium replaces a facility, but it can't replace two generations of memories.

The wood is a gleaming dark brown. The ...

Celebrating a bureaucracy

When we created the national parks,we alsocreatedthe necessity of the NationalPark Service

If the National Park Service could have ordered up the ...

Home sweet suitcase

Who needs a closet? Well, maybe I do

Two weeks ago Sunday, I moved back to Iowa City, Iowa, to continue grad school at the university there. I ...

S is for summer (and spiders)

At our house, we actually tried collecting them

Even given our directional challenges, we came to amass an impressive collection for study. We also ...

Avenue of Flags

Small donations add up to allow a stirring local display to continue

A week from Monday, on Labor Day, Riverton's two biggest city streets will be ...

Election picks scorecard (nobody's perfect)

Another election, another official reckoning on my picks for the primary. Here's how well my crystal ball did and didn't work.
- Lander City Council Ward 1 ...

The 'second primary'

The filing period for school boards is under way, with no political parties involved

Fremont County now is in the midst of what some people call the ...

Tuesday notes

Low high
That was one crazy bit of cold weather we had for about 36 hours last week -- a record-setter, in fact. We hear mostly about record highs and ...

Jim Bridger would be stunned

Modern-day travel is a whole different kind of adventure.

Traveling a little more 12,000 miles has highlighted an incredibly quick summer. A third ...

We all are hosts

Wyoming contributes to the Olympics, both in the arena and in the heart

Fans of the Olympic games are in their every-other-year mourning period ...

Proportion and perspective

What Ryan Lochte and Co. did at the Rio Olympics is embarrassing, but that's about it

In 1972, Palestinian terrorists broke into the Olympic village ...

College coaches

CWC would rather not have two vacancies this time of year, but interest in the jobs is high

The fall semester at Central Wyoming College starts ...

Magic delivered through the door

"Knowing I'm on the street where you live ..."
The once popular song dances through my mind.
Am I imagining a street of dreams, or the one in the song ...


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