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Sarah Drewry (3) and Karina Estep (7) of Riverton Sizzle 2 congratulated one another following a point during the AAU volleyball tournament at Wolverine Gym on ...

Competitive primary election year has been good for state

I believe the most important benefit from the competitive presidential primaries in both major political parties this year is that Wyoming voters are ...

Emotion can hinder perspective

I write this letter in response to Scott Akanewich's and Randy Tucker's opinion columns, as well as an editor's note explaining Randy Tucker's ...

Do away with recycling 'as soon as possible'

May I, as a 93-year-old householder, put in my two cents about recycling?
I have recycled all my life - going by the slogan in World War II "Make it ...

Please keep recycling of yard waste in place

In all the talk of changing recycling, I hope the yard waste recycling can continue.
This is very important to many people, and it does help ...

One name left out of 'entertaining dialogue' on favorite movie quotes

In reference to your recent Academy Awards editorial, you left out the name of Peter Finch, who won the best actor award in 1976 for his role on the ...

Energy workers should sign petition and impeach Obama

If all the people that worked in the oil fields and coal industry would go to Washington D.C. and sign a petition, maybe would get Obama impeached ...

Consumers, don't fall prey to phony health insurance phone calls

Wyoming consumers should take care not to fall prey to high-pressure telemarketers selling short-term or limited benefit health insurance products that are not ...

City doing 'a pretty good job' on snow removal so far

I have to disagree with the letter form Carol Johnson about snow removal.
I think it has been better this year than at just about any time I can ...

Criticism of basketball official at state was based on inaccuracy

Once again, I feel compelled to refute accusations made by another Ranger sports writer. After reading Randy Tucker's recent article, I felt that he ...

Parents, be alert to signs of PANDAS

Since my child was diagnosed with PANDAS a year ago, it has become my mission to spread the word and support other families whose lives have been ...

Isn't city bound by its own code when removing snow?

When the snow plow drivers have orders from the city to plow snow to the curb, and when sidewalks are immediately adjacent to the curb like ours is, ...

Colon cancer 'treatable and beatable,' but it must be detected early enough

Colonoscopies can be intimidating. You might be thinking it's something you can put off until next year, and then perhaps another year after that, but ...

Failure to expand Medicaid was 'a great disservice' to Wyo citizens

I was of course very saddened with the Wyoming Senate's vote, as I was the principal sponsor of the Medicaid Expansion amendment.I am sad that ...

Fire at old Roberts Mission building was 'terrible shame'

I was shocked to see the picture of the old building at the Roberts Mission destroyed by fire.
It is a terrible shame that it happened. These old ...

Tree board has busy agenda; grateful for local supporters

We, your Riverton Tree Board, are happy to report on our activities once again. This year we have two projects to report on, one which was completed ...

Letter on life with parole worth some consideration

The letter writer from Torrington made some interesting points about establishing a prison sentence of life with the possibility of parole.
We have ...

'Winter Blues' can be strongest at the end of the season

I know he was writing more for humorous purposes, but I do congratulate Robert H. Peck for mentioning the "winter blues," or seasonal affective ...

Proper steps can save the lifes of lost or abandoned pets - in the right situation

Recently there have been a number of missing pets locally. Not knowing where your pet is or what it may be going through is a difficult experience. ...

Put private EMS to public vote

With respect to the cost of medical care, many times we, as health care consumers, are left with few options for that care. We do not choose when we ...


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