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Reminiscing and thinking about happy times makes world better

I enjoyed Betty Starks Case's recent column about childhood Thanksgivings. I look forward every year to the Christmas "tradition" editorials from Mr. ...

No one is trying to force Wyoming to take refugees

I am ashamed that Wyoming, the Equality State settled entirely by immigrants from other states and nations, is joining the paranoia of the hysterical ...

'Land grab' by government is about more than sage grouse

The delisting of the sage grouse as an endangered species was applauded by many in our state. Then, surprise, surprise, it was followed up by the ...

Holiday season magnifies danger of impaired driving

The holiday season is the time of the year when drunk and impaired driving accidents are most prevalent.
Drug and alcohol use impair judgment, delay ...

Washington's original Thankgiving proclamation well worth reading

With Thanksgiving Day just past, is the history of Thanksgiving Day still taught? Can our school children name which president issued the ...

Properly funded Game and Fish Department key to state economy

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is charged with managing our wildlife in this ever complex and ever-changing world. The agency has165 ...

It seems 'too easy' to get a gun and kill in a school

IR00;guess I am one of the people who doesn't automatically go along with the idea that the solution to gun violence is more guns. But that doesn't ...

City doing a good job on snow early in the season

There is a long way to go in the winter for snow, but I would like to say that the City of Riverton is doing a good job so far this year in plowing a ...

Glad the plan to kill 1,000 bison is reconsidered

I am so glad to find out that the plan to kill at least 1,000 American bison this year because they walk across the invisible border of Yellowstone ...

Congress working on crosswalk safety in bill passed by Senate

With the clocks turned back an hour and skies getting darker earlier,we are reminded of how important safe and well-designed streets and crosswalks ...

If anything new stripes have made post office parking more confusing

I agree with the editorial for a better sign for the parking space east of the post office in Riverton.
Actually, since they redid the stripes ...

Use 1 percent money for plows

I like all the road and street fix-up that is going on with the 1 percent tax money we voted for.
In my opinion, a good idea wold be to use some of ...

Parents have a friendly role to play in supervising skate park

I raised a few skateboarders myself and spent hundreds of hours at skate parks while my boys skated all day and night. I drove them to the parks and I ...

Thankful for 'pro-military environment' in the area

I got my beautiful quilt of valor on the evening of Nov. 12 at a wonderful ceremony at the Saint Margaret school gymnasium. I feel more than honored ...

Young skaters helped grandson at city's 'excellent skating park'

Coming home, backhome to the Wind River, to visit family and participate in ceremony is always a blessing. It makes a person feel good.
It is with ...

Will there be time at skate park for the younger kids?

It is a good thing the new city park skate park people are posting rules, because the bigger kids are already intimidating the younger kids. If that ...

Washakie paintings are welcome back 'home' in Fremont County

I know there was some talk about the old Chief Washakie paintings staying in the Wyoming Capitol in Cheyenne after the remodeling there, but IR00;am ...

'It is time for a new face' to represent Wyoming in House

Serving Wyoming is a great honor and a serious responsibility. After much thought, I have decided not to seek re-election to the House of ...

It's negligent not to permit trained, armed security guards at all schools

Schools generally have to provide a safe environment for their students. This means the school has to take reasonable steps to make sure your child ...

Proud of service, appreciative of others who wore uniform

Serving in the military requires a willingness to serve others to keep this country great.
My dad served in the U.S. Navy. My uncle served in the ...


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