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Take steps to fight identity theft during tax season

Are you ready for tax season? If you haven't heard about tax identity theft, you may not be.
Tax identity theft happens when someone files a phony tax return ...

State has enough liquor business licenses already

Our state legislators will be asked in the new session in Cheyenne to increase the number of liquor licenses available to businesses.
I think this ...

Wyoming 'would be smart' to change the CDL law for big pickup trucks

The editorial by Mr. Peck about safe roads and driving made sense. Wyoming has had a mixed-up view of traffic safety in the way we handle speed ...

Park is not only place someone might see someone 'undesirable'

Thanks to Mr. Wright for his letter about using Riverton City Park. I am not a skateboarder, but I appreciate what he is trying to do.
Much is made ...

Optimistic on county attorney's office with LeBrun taking over

As I was looking at your list of the top news developments of the year, one stands out to me. I agree that the election of 2014 is major news. In my ...

If tribes find success in suit, maybe everyone could sue for better insurance

In the Dec. 30 issue of The Ranger, I read where the two tribes on the Wind River reservation are suing the government so they can get better ...

Having appointed education chief strays from democratic government

To State Sen. Anderson and members of the Joint Education Committee,
I am a resident of rural Platte County and a registered voter in the State of ...

Christmas edition 'was like getting an early present'

I want to say how much I like reading through the Ranger Christmas Greetings Edition. Those letters from the kids are priceless.
This was like ...

'What will be gained' by putting elderly man in court for decades-old case?

Why is Wyoming working so hard to get this 94-year-old man back to the state so he can be charged with a child molestation accusation that happened ...

Groups need to give people reasons to use safer City Park

Riverton City Park, from my view (as a skatepark activist and leader of Central Wyoming Skateboard Association) was safer/more family friendly in 2014 ...

Student needs Wyoming info for schoolwork

I am a fifth-grade student in Puyallup, Wash., and I am writing a report on the State of Wyoming.
We are responsible for gathering as much ...

Column made responsible case for Medicaid expansion

I wish that the recent column by Chris Peck headlined "When rich dictate to poor" (...

Money will be top priority for 'The Interview'

I like both Mr. Eric Blom's and Mr. Steven R. Peck's comments on "The Interview" movie and North Korea.
If there is money to be made, you can ...

News carriers getting a year-end bonus from appreciative customer

As I was driving home from work recently, I noticed a few newspaper carriers, bundled up, delivering papers. I was inside my warm car and had to ...

Paying to groom trail would be worth the cost

Sad to see that the snowmobile trail in the Shoshone National Forest is not going to be groomed this winter.
Our state loves to advertise itself as a ...

When holidays aren't so jolly

The holidays can be a wonderful and cozy time of year. But for many people, the shift out of daylight savings and other harbingers of fall and winter ...

Christmas is a good time to think about what the U.S. Senate's 'torture report' means

In thinking about the U.S. Senate "torture report" about how our CIA agents treated people during the Iraq War, IR00;guess IR00;can understand how it ...

Excitement is where you make it

I laughed heartily at Steve Peck's column on Riverton being "Excitement City" (...

Picture of big snowfall from 1985 recalled 'quite a winter' for visitor

I enjoyed seeing the pictured in "The Way It Was" on Sunday showing the huge pile of snow from the 1985 storm (or storms). I was a teenager then, and ...

In Congress, 'all the games' block immigration changes

For all those years people in Congress said something needed to be done in immigration, but they never did it because of politics.
So then the ...


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