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End of life seminar at church 'interesting and informative'

I went to the end of life seminar held Saturday, April 25, at the Presbyterian Church in Riverton, hoping to learn about many aspects of end of ...

Is it right for senior center to compete with restaurants?

That was a nice letter recently published in The Ranger in regard to the "best kept secret in town."
l'll just bet that the owners of a|l the loca| ...

Celebrity's comment on cattle dangers didn't reflect the facts

With Earth Day came countless articles and activities drawing attention to what individuals can do to contribute toward the goal of keeping our planet ...

RPD 'will never' wear cameras

I appreciated the suggestion made for the Riverton Police Department to wear the body cameras that record on video what they do all day.
It will ...

Airport name change could help boardings to recover

I have been following the news and discussions in the paper about the situation at Riverton Regional Airport. The letters to the editor in the past ...

Near-miss on highway showed dangers of texting while driving

I would like to remind everyone of the serious danger with texting and driving.
While driving from Lander to Riverton recently, I noticed a car ...

Tax preparation really not so hard

It seems that people in the U.S. have become incredibly stupid, if one is to judge from the "Promises, Promises" editorial in the April 16 Ranger.
I ...

Main Street holes seem to have been patched already

In regard to Mr. Wayne's letter about holes in the "new" Riverton Main Street concrete, I have observed that the holes have been filled. Maybe there ...

Young security officers must be taught, trained to 'keep their heads'

It was interesting to me to read about the ...

Airport name change sensible

I read with interest the letter from April 5, "It's the service, not the name," by Mr. Mike Ward.
As I was instrumental in appointing the airport ...

'Cop cams' for local officers and deputies worth consideration

It could cost us some money, but I support having the police officers and sheriff deputies in Fremont County wear the little "cop cams" on their ...

Pay lawmakers to cover expenses, 'so ordinary people have a chance'

I don't really like the idea that legislators can just vote a pay raise for themselves, but they do need to be paid for their expenses, so long as ...

Bring the street repair crew 'right up Main Street'

I see the city truck and men out around town patching up potholes, which is how the 1 percent tax money is being used. I hope they go right up Main ...

Shoshoni shouldn't stop 'law-abiding citizens on minor, inconsequential violations'

This month I took my 84-year-old mother to Riverton to visit the casinos. We left more than a hundred dollars in the casinos and restaurants, then ...

Phone scammer hung up when confronted by simple question

One of the "scammers" mentioned in a letter to the editor called me in January.
He told me (in a heavy foreign accent that I don't think anyone ...

Civil War still has lessons for us

April 12 marks the anniversary of the South's attack on Fort Sumter, which initiated the four-year-long American Civil War. There is a poem called "Is ...

Sunday magazine frequency changes

I was wondering about the American Profile magazine supplement in the Sunday newspaper. It used to be in there every week but now it is there less ...

Advice on safe handling of chicks was worthwhile

I thank you for running the news item about the ...

It's the service, not the name

The other day I read about the idea of ...

Consumer scams are no joke, so beware of three common ones

April Fools' Day is over, but the perpetrators of scams and fraud pull pranks every day of the year. This means people of all ages need to be vigilant about ...


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