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Ill-mannered campers showed poor judgment and rude conduct

I would like to address this to the four campers with Fremont County license plates who camped up Union Pass in Dubois on the forest boundary.
My ...

On city weed problem, 'It isn't your town -- It's you'

With all the talk about this being "Weed City U.S.A," the following verse seems to have a seed of truth:

It Isn't the Town, It's You
By R.W. Glover
If you ...

Protect valuable public services

This letter to the editor is written to renew or relight interest and concern for the outstanding social and human services which citizens have here in our ...

Temporary digs

Where to house the Legislature during Capitol renovation is no easy question

Flying under the radar of many Wyoming citizens is the fact -- actual ...

'Just say no' to phone callers who want your financial information

Reading about the new and improved ways to scam people over the telephone just blows me away. How can people continue to be so gullible? It shouldn't ...

Fremont County isn't a friendly place for its own employees

Mr. Price is exactly right. (...

Be prepared to give names to more school sites

I knew of Bill Stranningan but did not know him personally. I do agree that he would be a worthy recipient of the honor of putting his name on the gym ...

Volunteers make positive impact in children's lives

To volunteer your time is a direct investment into the community in which you are a part. Speaking to the belief that volunteering has a positive ...

Previous writers correct, and stray marks a problem on election ballots

I agree whole heartedly with the Frank Tanner and Lew Diehl comments.
Mr. Tanner is so right about renaming Riverton "Weed City." (...

On trash collection, council 'drew a hard line when a soft approach would have worked'

The City of Riverton is facing a serious issue regarding solid waste handling. The city is impacted by many rules from federal, state, and local ...

Thanks for fun memory of a good high school teacher

I read Steve Peck's remembrance of "Doc" Robert Mower, the high school chemistry teacher, with a smile. (...

Nicholls had an 'extra-fine eye' for photography

Well, the sun still comes up. The world turns. And man continues on.
But it'll never be the same cause ol' Wayne folded his tent and retired from the ...

Help take care of 1838 site before it is too late

I was requested to have a portable toilet at the 1838 rendezvous site for use Aug. 15, 16 and 17 by the Riverton Jaycees, who had a permit to at the ...

Looking forward to more election debates

I got a lot out of the debates for political candidate on public television before the primary election. The ones that interested me the most were ...

Inmate's letter didn't add much to border discussion

How nice it was to hear the opinion of a jail inmate, Mr. Willow, about the reservation boundary question. Apparently he has become an expert in the ...

Campaign for governor gave new inspiration to lapsed voter

It is not a real proud thing for me to say, but I haven't voted since the 1990s, until this year. It was the governor's race that gave me the ...

Illoway most experienced, most ready to be Secretary of State

There are a number of races that most likely will be decided in the upcoming primary.
While l have not involved myself in Republican primary races in ...

LeBrun 'right man' for the job in attorney vote

I am commenting in regard to the paid letter regarding Mr. Patrick LeBrun, which bore the signature of "Mr. Robert R. Rose, Chief Deputy Prosecuting ...

Political attack ad on LeBrun was inaccurate, unfair and unethical

In regards to Mr. Rose's recent advertisement in the Sunday Ranger, l am disappointed in him. I would certainly expect more from a man in his ...

Hold Mead responsible for harm done by the 'Hill Bill'

I see Gov. Matt Mead has been around getting his picture taken and going on TV to debate. In the primary election, I really hope voters send him a ...


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