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Senior center breakfast is one of 'best-kept secrets' in town

Tired of grabbing a stale donut or granola bar as you go out the door in the morning? Can't face another bowl of cold cereal? So many in our community ...

Public official ought to 'take a stand for people'

You made a good point March 23 about access to government paperwork that is public property. What gives some clerk somewhere the right to charge a ...

Urbigkeit coverage welcomed

I write in appreciation of the thoughtful treatment given by your newspaper to the memory and legacy of Ralph Urbigkeit.
I did not know Mr. Urbigkeit ...

No reason to get upset about Cowboys losing in tournament

In Wyoming most of us were excited about the Cowboys making the March Madness tournament. But I was surprised at how many people I know were ...

Please re-think city snow removal method so rollouts can get through

The new trash rollouts are ...

Air service better now, but an earlier flight would help

Flying from the Riverton airport is a little better now. We have had to fly four times to Denver since Feb. 1, and every flight was flown and pretty ...

Find alternative to killing bison

It has been reported in the news that they are looking for a way to deal with the buffalo, or bison, that stray away from Yellowstone Park, another ...

State 'needs to get a lot more' out of liaison posts

In response to the ...

Six decades of major change since 1955

Sixty years ago, it was a different world.
It was 1955 in Seattle, Wash. I was 25 years old. I had two marriages plus four years in the service. ...

When new skate park is done, plant grass over the old one

If the new skateboard park comes to pass, I would suggest that the old skateboard park be turned into green grass.
I am not very excited about the ...

Clinton won't be brought down by controversy over her e-mail

I am a Republican, and I do not want to see Hillary Clinton elected the next president. But this e-mail controversy is not going to bring her down. If ...

Conservation letter hit home

I appreciated the ...

Airport mustn't settle for something that would not serve our market well

I read about the ...

Buying your seat in office is not the same as earning it

To all of Wyoming's Republicans, and Washington's also, I cannot believe that the Republicans are willing to kill and/or hamper in the U.S. Homeland ...

Leaving valuables in open cars is 'asking for trouble every time'

Regarding the headlines and news about the ...

No 'gun ban climate' exists

I do not want to get into a public battle about the Second Amendment, but ...

Obama must 'give back what belongs to us'

Does Obama want the U.S. to have anything besides running his mouth and does nothing for the U.S. besides screw it up more?
Why don't he give the ...

Voluntary conservation is key to avoid federal intervention

Tourism and recreation are economically vital in the West. A 2014 study examining the economic impact of visitors to Bureau of Land Management (BLM) ...

Great fun, great memories due to new Riverton skating rink

"If you build it, they will come."
Hurray for the new ice skating rink!
I was delighted to read ...

Scout's request: Clear away snow so sidewalks aren't 'slick and dangerous'

I am a Scout with Troop 276. I think people in Riverton should clear the snow from their sidewalks.
They can get slick and ...


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