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Wyoming Caregiver Act vital to support these 'superheroes'

There is no greater demonstration of what family means than being a caregiver. In Wyoming, more than 66,000 people personally exemplify being family ...

Why not move the old siren to the fire hall?

If the Riverton fire department needs a new place for the old fire siren, why not put it on top of the fire hall?
Is that a crazy idea? It's right ...

Failure to expand Medicaid is 'all about politics, not money'

I will be watching to see what important state service is cut from the state budget next month that is the same amount of money that the state could ...

Forever Wild Families 'a great way' to experience our state's adventures

Since early last summer our family has been participants in the Forever Wild Families program sponsored by Wyoming Game and Fish. It has been much ...

Burglar's letter probably helped reduce jail time

Angela Rapone wrote in to congratulate the serial car burglar Jeramie Lewis for having the courage to write a letter to the editor apologizing for his ...

If public voted on private EMS in the county, it wouldn't pass

I hope the Fremont County Commissioners got the message from the people from the public hearing on handing over ambulance service to a private ...

Private ambulance generates more questions than answers

With all due respect, what I am hearing about our air and ground ambulance services is generating more questions than answers for me.
There are three ...

Urge action on the Tribal Nutrition Improvement Act

The "Tribal Nutrition Improvement Act of 2015" (TNIA) allows tribes to participate in federal programs that provide free, healthy meals to children in ...

Wyoming levaves $1.4 billion on table by not expanding Medicaid

The Wyoming Legislature's Joint Appropriations Committee decision not to increase access to health care for roughly 20,000 hard-working, low-income ...

Letter-writer showed courage

In response to the letter by Jeramie Lewis in The Ranger on Dec. 27: It was such as heartfelt letter.
As a Christian community, what we will ...

Call to discuss brand inspections

To Ranger readers, if you are a livestock owner and have been having problems with brand inspectors and brand inspections, recently or in the past, ...

Why spend so much on UW sports when times are tough?

My question is this: There is all this talk about state money shrinking due to a decline in minerals. The legislators are telling us how many millions ...

New education law an improvement over defunct No Child Left Behind

Late in 2015 Congress passed a monumental law that returned education control and decision making back to where it belongs, with states and local ...

Columnist's tale from the 1950s was illuminating and enjoyable

My compliments to Mr. Don Ricks, new Ranger columnists, for his recollections of a summer job on the dude ranch near Dubois.
My father often told of ...

1 percent tax has led to 'good improvements'

As to whether the optional 1 percent sales tax will be reapproved this year by voters, I think there is good reason to keep it there for another four ...

Why waste time 'refusing' to take refugees when Wyoming state law already prohibits it?

I hope our officials in Cheyenne don't waste another second crowing about sealing up the state's borders against refugees.
It is against Wyoming law ...

Solving the refugee crisis must begin 'over there'

A refugee is by definition a person that was forced to leave their home country. Which means under normal circumstances,that person would want to ...

Tough fight expected on crop insurance reforms

Crop insurance is an important and necessary component of an effective farm safety net. However, it is a very complex program that will work more ...

Revenue options demand forward-thinking approach

The current budget crisis goes beyond being a spending problem, a revenue problem or a savings problem.
We face the challenge of sustaining the low ...

Jeanne March, Cedar City, Utah

May I just say how much I appreciate the new ice sheet in the bowl at Tonkin Stadium, and I do not even skate.
I was in Riverton for the Christmas ...


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