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Legislators who backed SF104 ought to impeach themselves

The Wyoming Constitution is the supreme governing document of the State of Wyoming. It is the law.Proposed amendments must be approved by a majority ...

Second Amendment rights infringement needs corrected

Who is Steve Barlow? According to a story in the Jan. 18 issue of The Ranger, Mr. Barlow is the Central Wyoming College campus safety director. The ...

Flashing speed sign 'really does help' on West Main

The other day I was driving on West Main Street, and the sign that shows your speed as you are driving had been put up.
I think this is a very good ...

EPA ruling must be challenged

When I hear people saying "calm down" over the EPA ruling trying to make Riverton part of the Indian reservation, what that says to me is "just sit ...

Need in Wyoming for higher beer tax is real, and it is not going away

This is an open letter to all our elected legislators who are starting the new legislative session. You are going to have the opportunity to do a ...

Lawmakers, consider the worker

This week the Wyoming Legislature convenes for a 20-day budget session to hammer out the budget for the next two years. Fortunately, the state is in a ...

Sue Wallis will be missed dearly

Sue Wallis, a state representative from Recluse, passed away last week. Many in Fremont County had the pleasure of working with her on several issues ...

Now is the time to 'get real' on state beer tax

This is an open letter to all our elected legislators who are getting ready for the upcoming legislative session. You are going to have the ...

Community concern eased holiday emergency greatly

As a family, we would like to voice our appreciation for the many hours spent on Christmas Eve search and rescue efforts to find Adam.
We were so ...

A 2-year-old has more sense than all of Washington, D.C.

Between Obama, the government, the Senate, and the house, our dog Bella is more grown-up than all the people in the White House.
You people should ...

'Concern for the younger generation'

I feel concern for the younger generation. They desire independence, freedom and happiness, but in reality by not critically analyzing what it takes ...

Bebout and others correct to question red carpet for Magpul

IR00;couldn't believe the news that the State Loan and Investment Board would turn Casper's request for a conference center down, and then the Wyoming ...

Shoshones' survival as a tribe being threatened

I am writing in response to recent articles and letters to the editor about whether Riverton is on the Shoshone Indian Reservation, now called Wind ...

Event for writers was well done and well received

I'd like to say how much I enjoyed reading at the Westword Writers "Winter Gathering of Words" at the Riverton Branch Library on Jan. 23.
I believe ...

Question to a reckless driver

This is an open invitation to the driver of the white Ford pickup that was heading east on Highway 26 before turning left on Airport Road at around 7 ...

Stranded air traveler helped by 'exceptional young people'

Recently I was scheduled to take a plane from Denver to Riverton. The flight was canceled by Great Lakes Airlines, which left us unable to leave until ...

Legal landowners 'thrown under the bus' by EPA ruling

What follows is from a letter to the Fremont County Sherif's department:
"I respectfully request an increased number of patrols and wellness checks ...

Kindness matters, both to the giver and the recipient

I was touched by an unexpected act of kindness recently. I was in a store the previous week to get some little books to send to my twin ...

Nobody seems to care about the public's safety anymore

Let's see. Marijuana is now legal to buy, the speed limits are already at a crazy speed, yet they are asking to have them increased?
People don't ...

Don't let passion 'overpower our tact' during civil discourse

Over the past several months, I feel that there has been an increasing racially charged rhetoric in our community.
Internet-based chat boards give ...


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