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Amid good uses for drones, don't ignore privacy

The new debate over remote-controlled "drones" is interesting to me. I have heard that some good uses for them besides just playing around could be in ...

Poor not 'ripping off' Medicaid

Making poor people prove they have full-time employment before they can get Medicaid is against what Medicaid is about.
Poor people don't want to be ...

All must make the effort to show respect in words we use

"The injuns are going to be taken care of." So said House District 19 Rep. Allen Jaggi, R-Lyman, as reported in the Rock ...

Statute on state park permits not being enforced equally

I am 65 years old and worked most all my life in Wyoming and on the Wind River Indian Reservation. I now am disabled and retired but still trying to ...

Governor's recognition of hospice, palliative care a state milestone

Hospice and palliative care month was celebrated and recognized by Gov. Matt Mead.
I am the executive director of Help for Health. Recently I ...

Minimum wage in Wyoming won't ever exceed federal wage

I see the Wyoming Legislature didn't give raising the minimum wage in Wyoming much consideration. As long as the federal wage is higher than the ...

Columnist misused words

I have to respond to ...

Writing about past mistakes in life 'for the greater good'

My life has been chaos. I have wronged people. I don't even know if you will read this letter. I told myself "I will stop being afraid."
I am a ...

New snow-removal method 'is not an improvement'

I can't say I care much for the new city policy on snow plowing that crams all the snow up against the curbs. In the neighborhood where I work, it has ...

'Age should not be only factor' in judge service

I thought the legislator on the age limit for judge retirements made a good point when he said if the same current age limit applied to the ...

'Macho man' response to bullying often won't work

Randy Tucker's macho man response to bullying concerns is fine for football players who are two years younger than the senior who are bullying ...

Why doesn't county budget cover guns for sheriff's office?

The sheriff of Fremont County says his office needs about $40,000 to buy replacement firearms for the deputies. (...

Out-of-state hunting fees important to Wyoming

I can understand some people being upset about the (proposed) law that would cut back on non-resident hunting licenses. With all the funding cutbacks ...

The 'undesirables' at least put the park to some use

If I could add one comment to Mr. Wright's letter about City Park and the follow-up by Ms. (?) Seidel, it would be this. The "undesirables" are the ...

Take steps to fight identity theft during tax season

Are you ready for tax season? If you haven't heard about tax identity theft, you may not be.
Tax identity theft happens when someone files a phony tax return ...

State has enough liquor business licenses already

Our state legislators will be asked in the new session in Cheyenne to increase the number of liquor licenses available to businesses.
I think this ...

Wyoming 'would be smart' to change the CDL law for big pickup trucks

The editorial by Mr. Peck about safe roads and driving made sense. Wyoming has had a mixed-up view of traffic safety in the way we handle speed ...

Park is not only place someone might see someone 'undesirable'

Thanks to Mr. Wright for his letter about using Riverton City Park. I am not a skateboarder, but I appreciate what he is trying to do.
Much is made ...

Optimistic on county attorney's office with LeBrun taking over

As I was looking at your list of the top news developments of the year, one stands out to me. I agree that the election of 2014 is major news. In my ...

If tribes find success in suit, maybe everyone could sue for better insurance

In the Dec. 30 issue of The Ranger, I read where the two tribes on the Wind River reservation are suing the government so they can get better ...


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