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'Time immemorial' is a long time to claim reservation homeland

The land of the Wind River Indian Reservation has been the "Shoshone homeland" since time immemorial? The tribal leader who said that in The Ranger ...

Honor Farm land development runs risk of repeating experience of city's downtown lot

I would like to know from the City of Riverton if there have been some stores or house builders who have said they want to build on the land by the ...

Thanks to the 'ethical person' who turned in a lost purse

I would like to address the party who turned in my purse that I accidentally left in my shopping cart at Safeway not long ago.
A big, heartfelt ...

The real point of a 'wellness program' is to stay healthy

It has been interesting to read about Fremont County and its "wellness plan" for county workers that can be used to help keep their health insurance ...

Make admission to indoor sports at CWC free of charge

Central Wyoming College is adding golf and cross country to its sports program. That is fine with me, but these are not sports that the public is ...

We need oil products and oil revenue to pay off our debt

Oil, oil, oil. You have heard of it. It makes your car go (well, most of them).
But it is much more than that, something our elected officials fail ...

We will 'be a better country' than Russia

I'm sure that almost everyone agrees with the statement expressed in the letter from Scott Clement published in the March 20 issue of the Ranger about ...

Republicans claiming gay marriage fits the party don't spea

News coverage claiming "Gay marriage fits Republican values" is distorted. The few sources do not speak for thousands of Republicans and independents for whom ...

Real 'March Madness' is persecution of Cindy Hill

I have my "March Madness" basketball bracket filled out (thanks a lot, Wichita State), but in Wyoming the March Madness is the continuous persecution ...

Cowboy license plate on its way to pupil in Iowa school

I was touched by the letter from the elementary pupil in Iowa who wanted Wyoming information for a school project. That used to be a big thing in ...

Previous letter's question on military duty is answered daily

I have to disagree with some of what Mary Sue Shoup wrote in her letter to the editor on March 14 in The Ranger. Of course I, and I believe most ...

'The Way it Was' picture a reminder of long-ago friend

The picture for "The Way It Was" on Sunday, March 16, was delightful. I loved seeing the Frontier Airlines staff dressed up in their uniforms and ...

Where is our sense of responsibility?

We hear the clamor for personal rights, the right to an education, the right of a good paying job, and the right of health care among others. ...

No guarantee for Mead on a second term as governor

I agree that Matt Mead has a lot of advantages when he runs for his second term, but I do not think he is guaranteed anything. Remember, he was the ...

'Who really cares' about what Russia is doing in Crimea?

Regarding Ukraine, Crimea and the Soviet Union ... I mean, Russia, who really cares? The U.S. isn't going to do anything about it. It's not like ...

Volunteer fire departments can provide their personnel with everything they need but time

The current volunteer firefighter situation in Fremont County is one that we are all concerned about. And Jerri Robinson's statements and concerns in ...

New museums boss needs to get Riverton Museum back on its feet fast

I did not like the idea of hiring one museum director for the whole county, but now that is done. Time to move on. I do think they hired a good man ...

Wind River tribes 'own Riverton'

The Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone tribes and nations own Riverton. The EPA ruling is backed by the Department of the Interior and Department ...

Would our men answer the call today if it were sounded?

My father was the last Pearl Harbor survivor here in Riverton, so I had a close relationship to the actual events.
We took my father back to Pearl ...

Language is clear; Riverton townsite was removed from the reservation, with no lease

The recent letter to the editor about a lease of the Riverton tons requires a factual response.
Apparently, there are area residents who continue to ...


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