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Help was available from many sources for abandoned dog

To Linda Rood, your letter in Sunday's paper about the abandoned little dog was absolutely heartbreaking. But what saddened and angered me even more ...

When you have a house on a hill, you can be asking for real trouble

It has been interesting to read about the hill slide in Jackson that has evacuated the neighborhood and threatened business down below. Some house ...

Abandoned, loyal little dog made heart-wrenching choice

This is an open letter to whoever lost or, probably, dumped a little black-and-tan dog on Cooper Road.
This little dog showed up on Tuesday ...

My Health Care: No big changes so far under Affordable Care Act

So far our experience with the ACA is nothing has changed. We have insurance through our employers and haven't seen any changes or cost increases.
That being ...

Think carefully before filling out military survey for young people

To all parents with children between the ages of 16 and 24: My daughter recently received a survey addressed to her, along with $2 in the mail ...

GOP leaders wrong in trying to stifle debate on Mead censure

There was a deliberate, orchestrated attempt by some of the state party leadership to stifle free and open debate on "public censure" at the recent ...

Don't take the contributions of federal workers for granted

Across the country, and in cities and towns in Wyoming, government employees serve and protect our nation every day.
During Public Service ...

Voters, remember who voted for SF 104 in the Legislature

Concerning the unconstitutionality of SF 104, which Sen. Hank Coe of Cody was largely responsible for formulating and getting it passed, the ...

'Wake up' and give appearance of Riverton some more thought

The mayor has made many comments in the past about the beautiful City of Riverton. Maybe he should take a drive through the city and look at all the ...

Tribal election code is crucial and must not be undermined

I would just like to say thank you to all who voted for me. Unfortunately, I have declined due to health reasons. But, I'd also like to express my ...

Make early morning flight a priority at the airport

I have always liked flying from Riverton Regional Airport and have no problem with the small airplanes. They fly just like any other plane. But ...

My Health Care: Obamacare with subsidy means coverage possible

Regarding "My Health Care," I can say without a doubt that without the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, I would not have health insurance.
I never ...

The EPA border ruling is 'correct,' so please send the back payment for royalties

I believe the EPA decision about Riverton and all areas with in 50 miles of the Wind River Indian Reservation to be correct. I also believe that if ...

MY HEALTH CARE: Retirement and ACA timing raised insurance costs

We are a retired couple that were fortunate to be able to keep our group insurance policy from our former employer. Upon retirement, we budgeted to be able to ...

Steps taken now will save millions for solid waste district in next 20 years

The Fremont County Solid Waste Disposal District is a complex entity. It operates 21 facilities (landfills, bale stations, recycling centers, and ...

Hill's victory gives 'glimmer of hope' against 'unruly few'

Something happened last week that resulted in a huge win for the citizens of Wyoming.The lower court acted on the Wyoming Supreme Court's decision ...

State planning 'property grab' by ordering closure of Thermop pool

On Thursday April 10, citizens of Thermopolis found out that the state parks department would be making aproperty grab.The Tepee Poolsin Hot ...

Confusion exists over men with the same name

I, Wade G. LeBeau, am writing to clarify any confusion concerning my identity and viewpoint. Many of you know me by my painting and construction ...

Americans should not be so accepting of the 'overlong' Afghan war

Why are there still more than 30,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan?
The case for invading Afghanistan was certainly stronger than the case for invading ...

Urbigkit's death a great loss to city, and insensitive remark hurts

The passing of Bill Urbigkit, a good friend and loyal employee, makes this one of the hardest letters I will write in my tenure as mayor.
Mr. ...


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