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Government 'would have been crazy' to turn down grouse plan

The federal government would have been crazy to turn down the sage grouse plan put together by the working group in Wyoming, which is why I thought ...

Awareness month aims at domestic violence

Oct. 1 marked the beginning of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The central message of this year's events is that, as a community, we have the ...

'Special person' bought meal

We offer a big thank-you to the person who paid for our meal anonymously Sept. 21 at the Trailhead Restaurant in Riverton.
You are a special person, ...

Capitol work must be on time and on budget

As a member of the Oversight Group on Capitol Building Rehabilitation and Restoration, I want to clarify the role and goals of the oversight group. ...

Downtown windows 'a pleasure' to see

What a pleasure it is to see the windows in downtown Riverton all decorated for Homecoming. I didn't grow up here, but the town in Oklahoma was ...

'Miracle' there aren't more fatalities in I-80 traffic

I saw Sept. 25 that a truck driver had been found guilty in a fatal collision with another vehicle. To me it is a miracle that there are not more ...

Big country needs lots of power

I appreciated the thoughtful discussion in the editorials about the future of coal in the nation.
I wish I could run my truck on the sun. I would ...

Sage grouse decision good for bird, nation

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service announced Tuesday that the greater sage grouse does not warrant protection under the Endangered Species ...

Killing of bear an unnecessary outcome of poor human conduct

I appreciated ...

Make opinions known now on Capitol renovation plans

In response to Nathan D. Purnell's letter: I am not involved in the Wyoming Capitol restoration in any official capacity, but I have followed the ...

New dorms at UW a 'good investment'

Count me in for replacing the dormitories at the University of Wyoming. It has been in the news. The White, Downey, Orr and McIntyre quartet are ...

Hard labor would be good punishment for DUI offenses

This might sound outrageous to some people, but I think it might be wrong to treat DUI drivers as common criminals. There was news in the paper about ...

Bears in Yellowstone used to be fed potato chips from car window

Reading the news and letters about wild animals and people in Yellowstone, I wonder how many people these days know how things used to be? I remember ...

Questions being deflected on cost of 'grandiose' Hot Springs plans

Through years of attendance at state park facilities, we have been impressed with the staff that we have met in these facilities.Friends, family and ...

Iran nuclear agreement a dangerous deal for U.S.

Last week U.S. Senate Democrats blocked a key procedural vote in an effort to pave the way for President Barrack Obama's controversial Iran nuclear ...

'Crazy driving' takes place in school rush

I see the point in saying "stay home" during school rush hour unless you simply have got to be on the way to work. But I also think that should be a ...

Drivers must be responsive to emergency vehicles on road

As the interim director of Fremont County Ambulance, I want to inform all Fremont County residents that there are ambulances and expedition command ...

Capitol renovation news shows the 'government at its worst'

Every time there is another news item about the remodeling of the state capitol building in Cheyenne, I think "this is government at its worst."
This ...

'Keep up the good work' on 1 percent street jobs

It is a bit harder to get around town in Riverton these days on some streets, but I am all for it because the 1 percent tax money is being used for ...

Wyoming law is handling crisis center shootings

For the life of me, I can't see why anyone would hope that the federal government would come into Riverton and find that a hate crime had happened. ...


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