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Stricter rules for older drivers not too much to ask for safety

As a professional driver who is also a senior citizen I have absolutely no problem having my eyes tested on an annual basis.
I have driven ...

Court ruling means health coverage can be maintained

I am one of the people happy about the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare. This does not make me a bad person. I could not get health insurance for ...

Older drivers less likely to be distracted

There is a lot of talk about older people and proper driving since the little girl was hit in the crosswalk. Cars are dangerous, no matter who is ...

'Do the right thing' on EMS service for Fremont County

All I would ask for the county commission is to remember that our ambulance service and emergency medics are not just numbers on a budget chart. There ...

Grouse coverage did well to include drought mention

In your annual mining and energy edition, I am glad your ...

Columnist off base in claims on gay marriage

What's up with this ...

Why are the environmentalists silent on beetle-killed forests?

I find it amazing how silent the environmental groups are about the millions of acres of pine beetle-killed trees in the watersheds of the western ...

'Borrowed' item from yard sale won't spoil it in future

We have one yard sale per year at 22 N. Mountain View Drive. We enjoy having this sale and meeting a lot really nice people. We have had this yard ...

Another pothole suggestion, this one downtown

With all the talk about fixing potholes with the new 1 percent money, I can't believe the big one right in front of the bank on Main Street is allowed ...

Remember who hired EMS director now being criticized

I have read the letter from the county treasurer criticizing the former ambulance director. He lists all of Mr. Zillmer's faults and called him a ...

Treatment of horse on West Sunset might be legal under state law, but it's still cruel

It broke my heart to see the picture on the front page of the horse coated in mud. What does this picture say about our society?
Each day as I have ...

Energy, related industries in state show commitment to job safety

Creating, sustaining and continually improving a truly exceptional culture of safety in the workplace goes well beyond merely following procedures and ...

Should we quit enforcing law?

Peter Weiss wrote that it is "ludicrous" for local police to be "patting themselves on the back" after recent meth arrests. "Do they really think that ...

Going on 104 years old, there is still 'quite an agenda'

I was born Oct. 2, 1911. Soon I'll be 104. IR00;have read an article calling attention to dying and aging. My birthday is coming right up, and it ...

Senior center 'complainers' want to restore center to 'its original glory'

The director of the Riverton Senior Citizens Center recently distributed a "letter" to a select group of local individuals proclaiming that most of ...

Handicap parking lanes aren't meant for shopping cart return

This letter is addressed mainly to those "socially illiterate" persons who shop at any store that provides shopping carts and cart-return areas. By ...

It's good we are pulling together, but shouldn't the city paint the crosswalks?

I would like to say I am proud to be from a community that comes together in a time of tragedy, speaking of the tragedy involving the Archer ...

EMS director did not provide planning, leadership

Former Fremont County ambulance director Joe Zillmer never gave the county any clear options to choose from with regard to levels of ambulance service ...

Commissioners 'railroading' privatization of county's EMS ambulance services

Fremont County Commissioners are making me ashamed and angry, especially the three who are railroading the EMS privatization scheme, and who fired the ...

Consider two sections for skate park, based on age

I was thinking that we could divide the new skate park into two parts. One would be for age 11 and older, and the other would be for age 10 and ...


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