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It's confusing, but legal, for candidate to use two names

In response to Rex D. Flemish's letter to the editor regarding the question of how a candidate can run under two names in an election, I would like to ...

Charge admission temporarily to raise money to improve Community Room

Here is a suggestion for raising money to remodel and update the Community Room at the Riverton library. They should charge money for admission to the ...

Riverton is 'Indian Country'

I am an enrolled member of the Northern Arapaho Tribe. I would like to let all you non-native people know that you can write letters and cry around ...

County fair's rule on showing animals punishes baseball team

Riverton's 13-14-year-old Babe Ruth baseball team won the state championship July 19 in Torrington. This qualifies them to go to regionals in Montana. ...

CERA meeting 'over-hyped' and didn't amount to much

On the letters by Mr. Laidlaw and Ms. Williams about the CERA meeting in Riverton, this was a hyped-up meeting that didn't amount to a hill of beans. ...

Could construction work be halted during the fair?

I am very worried about getting access to the county fairgrounds during the huge road building job on South Federal.
Is there some way the work could ...

Hill correct to fire back at 'new garbage' in report

I congratulate State Superintendent Cindy hill for "firing back" at this new garbage from the legislators who say they are investigating her. This is ...

Why is Washington managing grazing permits in Wyoming?

This is an open letter to State Sens. Bebout, Case and Christiansen, and Reps. Lubnau, Campbell, Zwontizer, Hunt, Jaggi, Kroeker and Miller. ...

'Start using our brains and our backbones' in this county

I would like to comment on the recent CERA conference held on the 14th of this month. After readingChris Pecks's column on the 20th of June, I found ...

Meeting Cindy Hill at parade, she didn't have 'horns and a tail'

On the Fourth of July, I had the opportunity to meet Cindy Hill, who was walking in the Lander parade. From what I had been reading and hearing in ...

Improvements to library's Community Room worthy goal for all

As a youth growing up in Riverton, I can remember my excitement at the building of the new Riverton Branch Library in 1983. I lived several blocks ...

Ad shows the candidate 'cares not one iota' for crime victims

Now we really do know that MichaelBennett was hired solely to cut the budget in the Fremont County Attorney's office.
He has exhibited concern ...

College 'chooses to ignore' local talent when hiring

Respectfully, I disagree with Ron Granger, vice president of administrative services at Central Wyoming College. In the June 8 issue of The Ranger, ...

Timing on the new Cindy Hill probe worked out in advance

Timing is everything. Some of my friends and I have been befuddled by the recent rule changes made by Tom Lubnau's "investigative committee" looking ...

'Clueless' remark by the candidate

Ray Price, who is running for county commissioner from the Lander district, is giving everyone the perfect reason that districting the county was a ...

Deliberately running over an animal 'not a nice thing to do'

Someone is running over cats for the fun of it. We have found six so far on Honor Farm Road and buried them. Three of them were mine.
I want to go ...

One guarantee in new Iraq crisis: Gas price will rise

Whatever is going to happen in Iraq with ISIS conquering territory and taking control of major cities, one thing will be certain. If the United State ...

Change traffic law for bikes

Recently I read in the local newspaper about the deaths of two bicyclists killed in crashes in Wyoming.
In at least one of them, the victim was ...

Those who attended CERA conference were courageous

On behalf of Citizens Equal Rights Alliance, I want to thank the courageous members of the Riverton community who were curious and willing to attend ...

Here's how Republicans might win the White House in 2016

This is my advice to the Republican candidate who is scheduled to lose in the 2016
presidential elections. Namely, one no-name innocent. Should he ...


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