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Wyoming must 'focus on our connection' to climate change

To the participants in the Wyoming gubernatorial campaign debates scheduled for 7 p.m. Oct. 13, Oct. 15 and Oct. 16 on Wyoming PBS:
Wyoming's current ...

With Baker as mayor, mosquito and weed problems would be improved

I read in The Ranger that public health people were happy that there was no West Nile virus reported in Fremont County this year. I doubt that is ...

K-9 adoption program does 'phenomenal' job for dogs

This is an appreciation of the PAWS shelter and the new Wyoming Honor Farm K-9 program.
My sister has adopted Roka, one of the program's first ...

Suggested fee was for audience, not presenters

I thought the county librarian kind of missed my point when she wrote back in reply to my letter to the editor when I suggested a small admission fee ...

Columnist's words on NFL player offenses were thoughtful

I appreciated the thoughtful words by Clair McFarland in relation to the National Football League players and domestic violence.
These crimes did ...

Gard brought a good approach to North Federal considerations

This letter is in regard to the upcoming Riverton mayoral race and election. I have a limited background serving in the public sector but did ...

Planning for disasters, big or small, makes good sense

Disasters -- natural or human-made -- are in the news almost every day. Wildfires and major weather events may capture the headlines, but a grease fire, ...

It's important to keep events at Community Room free

I am writing in response to Carrie Garwood's letter to the editor suggesting that we charge admission to every person who attends a program in the ...

Column citing old nursery rhyme was much appreciated

I did enjoy Randy Tucker's column that mentioned the old nursery rhyme "For Want of a Nail."
I was lucky to have had a great-grandfather that I ...

Good news on veterans facilities

I'm so glad to hear that the VFW was able to sell its old building. I'm sorry they didn't get what they were asking for, though.
I'm also glad to ...

Showing terrorist crimes on TV and Internet is what they want

I watched a national television news man a few nights ago who said the exact same thing that I have been thinking about the poor people who are being ...

'People's wishes have been ignored' on alley dumpsters

Well, I see that the people's wishes have been ignored. The dumpsters in the alley are going away, and now every street will have garbage cans sitting ...

Split in tribal council doesn't show cooperation

The Northern Arapaho Tribe is breaking away from the Shoshone Tribe on the Joint Business Council. Isn't this the same tribe that called City Hall in ...

More consideration needs to be shown during outdoor recreation

I agree completely with the letter from Kim and Ann Kurasz about the awful behavior more and more people show when they are camping, fishing, hiking, ...

Pay for Capitol remodeling from savings, not budget

The Legislature has passed money to remodel and update the Capitol building in Cheyenne. Well and good as far as the job goes, but that money should ...

Sooner weeds are dealt with next year, the better we'll do

Yes, this has been a terrible summer for weeds. I think one reason that there are so many more is that it just caught lots of people by surprise ...

What about past band director's name on the high school floor?

As to writing coach Bill Strannigan's name on the Riverton High School gym floor, what about John Aanestad's name, too?
He directed the bands for ...

Growing and collecting lilies, but not offering them for sale

Please accept the following clarification regarding the photograph labeled "Sunrise daylilies" in the Sept. 5 Ranger:
I am a collector and grower of ...

Wild horse roundups not the best way to control population

I am hoping people in Wyoming will read this. The BLM and the wild horse and a burro department are rounding up thousands of our wild horses and ...

After winter problems, air service was much better on summer trips

I will give credit where credit is due. I had been screwed over big-time by the bad air service at Riverton Regional Airport late last winter. People ...


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