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Cindy Hill ought to be praised, not persecuted

What a total waste of time all this Cindy Hill business has been. I can't believe they are trying to get rid of her when her biggest "crime" was ...

Museums left 'in shambles'

I recently attended a meeting of the Fremont County Museums Board, which was held at the town hall in Dubois on Jan. 10. The room was packed with ...

EPA ruling changes nothing for time being in Riverton

As mayor of the city of Riverton, I feel a strong obligation to respond to the recent EPA ruling declaring Riverton as Indian Country.
First of all, ...

Someone please find a way to improve local air service

Trying to fly through Riverton Regional Airport is akin to trying to pay for three months' worth of groceries with Confederate scrip. It just doesn't ...

EPA ruling throws legal landowners 'under the bus'

The following is from a letter I wrote to the Fremont County Sherif's Department:
"I respectfully request an increased number of patrols and wellness ...

Lower legal drinking age to 18

At the age of 18 we are being considered as adults. Being able to vote, go to war, purchase tobacco, get married, adopt a child, sign legal documents ...

Pathologist in Fremont County is a good idea, but 'think big'

I heard about your newspaper's coverage on doing autopsies in your own home town. Very interesting.
I grew up in Cache Valley Utah and still return ...

Caring cancer advocate missed in community

I have lived in Riverton for more than 40 years. I have seen wonderful things happen in our community that I am very thankful for.
One of those ...

EPA action on rez 'is unlawful'

The Environmental Protection Agency's administrative action expanding the Wind River Indian Reservation raises many questions. Here are a few of ...

EPA ruling a 'power grab,' pure and simple

I do not believe the Washington lawyer called the "spokesman" for the Wind River reservation tribes, and nobody else should believe him either. Air ...

People of Wyoming deserve answers on lengthy probe of superintendent

Below is an open letter I have sent to all members of the Wyoming Legislature:

Dear Legislator,
A question I often am asked is "How are things ...

Decision to release Drennen from prison was 'outrageous'

I simply could not believe my eyes when I saw that the Fremont County attorney was going to let Gabriel Drennen walk free. This man was convicted of ...

Nutrition program actions insensitive to community

The Cent$ible Nutrition Program, under the auspices of the University of Wyoming, is undergoing turbulent times.
A petition is being circulated ...

Tribes' push on air quality has nothing to do with air quality

Mr. Breight, well said (letter to the editor Sunday, Dec. 15).
The EPA ruling letting the tribes monitor air quality has nothing to do with air ...

Look hard at all members of the Legislature, and consider a change

Editor's note: The published version of this letter included an inadvertent error that affected the meaning of one sentence. The proper version is published ...

Goal still is to turn vacant lot over to a better use

The recent letter to the editor by Mr. Harvey Burke headlined "Is vacant lot in downtown Riverton going to be a junkyard?" Is prompting this ...

Christmas verse from 1959

Editor's note: The following letter, in poetic form, was published in The Ranger during the Christmas season of 1959. The writer was identified only as "Cy ...

EPA ruling on reservation 'is unlawful' and 'cannot be honored by the state'

The Environmental Protection Agency's administrative action expanding the Wind River Indian Reservation raises many questions. Here are a few of ...

Congress should consider impeaching the president

I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican. I am a registered Independent and have voted in every election I was eligible for more than 50 years. It ...

Most people probably would not mind a higher tax on beer

The Riverton mayor wants the state to raise the tax on beer. I think this would be all right with most people. I would guess that most people who buy ...


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