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Paying to groom trail would be worth the cost

Sad to see that the snowmobile trail in the Shoshone National Forest is not going to be groomed this winter.
Our state loves to advertise itself as a ...

When holidays aren't so jolly

The holidays can be a wonderful and cozy time of year. But for many people, the shift out of daylight savings and other harbingers of fall and winter ...

Christmas is a good time to think about what the U.S. Senate's 'torture report' means

In thinking about the U.S. Senate "torture report" about how our CIA agents treated people during the Iraq War, IR00;guess IR00;can understand how it ...

Excitement is where you make it

I laughed heartily at Steve Peck's column on Riverton being "Excitement City" (...

Picture of big snowfall from 1985 recalled 'quite a winter' for visitor

I enjoyed seeing the pictured in "The Way It Was" on Sunday showing the huge pile of snow from the 1985 storm (or storms). I was a teenager then, and ...

In Congress, 'all the games' block immigration changes

For all those years people in Congress said something needed to be done in immigration, but they never did it because of politics.
So then the ...

Prosecutors should have known woman died from wreck

Prosecutors say they "weren't aware" that the older lady injured in the wreck at Main and Hill Street had died a week later? Seriously? This is why no ...

Do not treat deer as if they are birds at a feeder

I read the news piece from Cody where they are asking the question whether deer are pests or "four-legged works of art."
The answer to that depends ...

State collects more money than it needs, then wastes it

Dear Gov. Mead,
I regret to say I am selling my dream home and leaving Wyoming because I cannot afford the government rent (property taxes) you (Czar ...

At Christmas time, make things a little easier for the package courier

I am a courier for one of the major delivery companies in the Riverton area. Riverton is growing, and the practice of Internet shopping is growing ...

Lottery might be a sponsor of county fairs

I am as glad as anybody to see that the Wyoming Lottery is going to give money to the state fair and Cheyenne Frontier Days as a "sponsor," but why ...

A 'plunger salute' for a funny column

A plunger salute to Clair McFarland for her column from Nov. 20 on plumbing problems. When in doubt, call Dad.
I really got a kick out of it. (And I ...

Picture of old ski area sparks new curiosity

A little while back I saw a picture of something called the Sinks Canyon Ski Area. It looked great. I think the picture was from the 1950s.
My host ...

Lincoln used a lot of executive orders during the Civil War

Regarding the issue of executive orders by presidents, if Abraham Lincoln were president today, he would get boiled alive on TV and the blogs for all ...

Something for local shoppers to remember this time of year

I enjoy shopping on the Internet, but I also like visiting local stores. It is fun, and it gives a feeling of the Christmas spirit this time of ...

'Time has arrived' for states to lead in amending Constitution

What is the difference between a convention of states and a constitutional convention?
Constitutional convention: Happens only to create a new ...

South Federal rebuild 'worth the trouble'

I avoided South Federal for six months if I possibly could while it was being rebuilt, but I finally drove on the "new" street last week. It is so ...

Wonderful guide dog could use some antlers for chewing

I have been very fortunate in my 77 years to get to fly many, many miles across this Earth in a commercial airlines jet. I love it.
The roar of the ...

Young man's assistance during cold weather was 'a godsend'

I would like to thank a very nice gentleman for helping on a recent Tuesday evening when it was so terribly cold.
We were at the Wind River Casino, ...

What part of 'rejected' don't they get?

How in the world could a legislator say that he thought it would be a good idea to try a second time to pass the constitutional amendment on ...


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