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On a plane, you could 'never get away' from a cell phone call

I don't know if I am glad or sad that the airlines might let passengers use cell phones on board. But if you fly from Riverton on the 19-seat plane it ...

Governor's 'trust' issues with feds ironic considering what he did to the state education

Recently the governor of Wyoming chose not to accept an expanded Medicaid or to do anything to set up an insurance exchange because he didn't trust ...

Expanded public transportation would be good for the city

Riverton needs some more public transportation. I think that increased public transportation in the form of a larger bus line with more service would ...

Here's why Udens' remains should be raised from lake

In response to the letter from Erica Beckett, I was a dear friend of Claire Martin, the mother and grandmother of Virginia Uden and her sons, for more ...

CREG's main role is providing cover for Wyoming legislators

Concerning how the state bases its revenue forecast, I agree with the editorial that the CREG group underestimates it year after year. It's ...

'Do not be caught off guard' by plaintive letters from inmates

I saw in The Ranger a letter to the editor from a Charles Kolb of Bessemer, Ala. He said he was a former Riverton resident but now a prisoner in a ...

In his old age, Uden decided to trade knowledge for lifelong care and protection at state'

Never have the local newspapers published such a sickening or barbaric act as earlier this month in reporting the details of the Uden triple murders. ...

Is the vacant lot in downtown Riverton going to be a junkyard?

So the city is going to do more testing of the dirt in the downtown vacant lot that it owns and has done nothing with other than an insincere attempt ...

Sternberg made good impression during 'meet and greet' encounter

I have been hearing about the departure from the University of Wyoming by the new president, Bob Sternberg. We were eating at a restaurant in Riverton ...

Enact laws to protect the right to different ideas, opinions

In recent observation, I have noticed that the general public does not fully understand what the word "normal" means.
Normal and/or normality in ...

Is it really advisable to raise the Uden bodies from lake?

I have been as interested as the next person in the story of Gerald Uden and the murder of his former wife and the two boys. But I am wondering is if ...

Too much gunfire at schools

I was thankful for the letter by Mr. Nyberg, the middle school assistant principal, in response to the earlier one from Mr. Finley that criticized ...

There's a 'laugh a day' from D.C.

It has become like going to the circus. There is a laugh a day to keep me occupied.
As I watch television, I see the liar, Clinton, calling the liar, ...

Legacy we are leaving next generations is staggering

Since that warm, sun-filled morning in July 1944, the day ol' Doc Kendall delivered me, the sun has risen and sent 25,310 times. The hands on the ...

WLRC must 'get it right this time'

As a study of the Wyoming Life Resource Center is made public with recommendations for the Joint Labor, Health and Social Services Interim Committee, ...

Column brought to mind riding train to college in '70 with dad

I have clipped out and saved Steve Peck's column from Oct. 18 about driving with his 20-year-old son to college back east.
When I went to college in ...

Veterans are always held in high regard

With Veterans Day this week, I felt the need to say a special thank-you to all of our veterans, currently serving, those who have served, those who ...

Obama only cares about himself, not the people of the United States

Obama claims he don't know what's going on with government, Congress, senators.
Obama don't care about American people he only cares about himself. ...

Community cleanup effort 'is how it's supposed to be'

To all those involved in the recent community cleanup -- the Riverton High School student body, their families and others -- you guys moved about a half ...

Hoping relatives might remember

I was born in Fremont County, and I started grade school there. Not long afterward, my father lost his job, so my parents decided to move to ...


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