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A dress just the right size

And I mean that in more ways than one

There's a long-standing joke that states this: "Cinderella never asked for a man. All she asked for was a ...

Third whammy

State's big investment portfolio might help out more than we thought this year

Fremont County legislators have been unanimous during our post-session ...

Tie hacks on a Saturday night

There were ways to get around the no-booze rule

Today people are living in a subdivision across the Wind River from downtown Dubois. In the 1940s and ...

Tuesday notes

Successive storms
Fremont County is on the northern edge of the phenomenal spring snowstorm that blanketed and re-blanketed the Colorado Front Range to ...

Things have changed since Jackie Robinson's day

But bigotry and intolerance have not vanished in America -- far from it.

I just don't get it.
As I watched the first episode of "Jackie Robinson," ...

See you in the funny papers

Today's edition has a special section inside, all about the comics

For the next couple of Sundays, both we and our readers get to enjoy some extra ...

It's not the poetry, but the planet

And 'jet stream' just doesn't rhyme with 'flowers'

April showers bring May flowers, or so the story goes.
Here in Iowa, April has certainly been a ...


If Bernie Sanders wanted them, he should have started a long time ago

In 2016, the dogged, determined run for the Democratic presidential nomination ...

For all of our planning, life sometimes surprises

Did you plan your life when you were young? Did the years follow your plan?
As most of us learn, life often brings surprises.
Like grandkids - some arrive ...

73 and 60

Both numbers will live on in the minds of basketball fans who watched on an April night

On a night when the Golden State Warriors were sent to set a ...

To the test

Important departures from the Wyoming Legislature add importance to the 2016 vote

The first third of 2016 has been an unexpectedly active period for ...

Tuesday notes

See-saw spring
Mid-April is showing us all the varieties of the Wyoming spring, with a whiff of summer in the air one day, winter's bite in it the ...

Messenger often trumps message

Bad news isn't so bad wen the right person says it.

Is it the message or the messenger that brings a visceral reaction to bad news?
Advertising ...

New air service

All hail the agreement with Key Lime Air, and the partnerships which made it happen

The Fremont County air service task force has earned a collective ...

Only we can look to the stars

Friday evening, Dr. Scott Acton speaks to a crowd at Central Wyoming College about his work on the James Webb Space Telescope, a massive and ingenious ...

Tuesday notes

When Fremont County Clerk Julie Freese was kicking around the idea of reducing the number of voting precincts and polling places for this year's elections, she ...

Rock bands and shared hearts

I was part of a joyous crowd (after a good burger)

There comes a time to rock.
No, I don't rock - at least, not in the sense of "I'm so awesome at ...

The contest

Policy and governance aside, this is one heck of a primary election year

2016 is turning out to be a much more interesting and unpredictable ...

Dr. Scott Acton

He's got a remarkable story, and he'll tell it Friday night in Riverton

This Friday night at Central Wyoming College, one of Riverton's native sons ...

Tuesday notes

All spring
It's April now, one of just two all-spring months on the calendar. There aren't many times of year when we could get a 15-inch snowstorm on ...


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