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The contest

Policy and governance aside, this is one heck of a primary election year

2016 is turning out to be a much more interesting and unpredictable ...

Dr. Scott Acton

He's got a remarkable story, and he'll tell it Friday night in Riverton

This Friday night at Central Wyoming College, one of Riverton's native sons ...

Tuesday notes

All spring
It's April now, one of just two all-spring months on the calendar. There aren't many times of year when we could get a 15-inch snowstorm on ...

Eclipse Central

About 500 days from now, we'll be exactly that

Here in the immediate aftermath of the heaviest snowstorm of the season, few of us are thinking about ...

The soundtrack of Nancy Jones

It was one of a kind, and it is gone too soon.

Win or lose, there was always a good soundtrack when we took the Shoshoni Wranglers to Leroy Sinner ...

Private data

Citizens have real concerns, and a new state law is attempting to address them

The Wyoming Legislature thought issues surrounding government ...

Trump's ad-libs

The GOP frontrunner might be sensing things getting more serious these days

Maybe not every day, but probably every week, Donald Trump does or says ...

Change can start with a root

It's there, even through a long, dark winter

Who are we kidding? Man made the calendar; nature makes the rules.
A few days ago there was no sign of ...

Between bad and worse

Our big snowstorm brings the small difference between the two into focus

We don't get many earthquakes in Fremont County, at least not that we can ...

The mouse that drowned

Thanks to the butcher, the butter survived

My great grandmother, Ellen Simpson, finished churning and poured off the buttermilk. A drowned mouse ...

Tuesday notes

Big, but how big?
The snow is flying as The Ranger goes to press Tuesday afternoon. Weather forecasters see the same data, but that doesn't mean they ...

The news chapter

As privatized ambulance service nears, the 'customer' must remain paramount

In the end, it was a unanimous vote.
Fremont County's ambulance service ...

Tell reps to reject House Resolution 2316

The bill is cleverly hidden behind language calling for states' rights, independent citizen rights, and the right of the people in general to rule their own ...

In traffic, consider the roundabout

It has fun advantages over the boring old four-way stop

People sure do complain about intersections a lot, don't they? Hemming and hawing over who ...

The push to merge

As economic conditions tighten, school consolidation is warming as a topic again

At last count there were eight full-fledged public school districts ...

Between climb and precipice

The kids are still having firsts, but also some lasts

The path through boyhood sure is rocky, but I think I am finally learning how to climb with my ...


Active-shooter training addresses the difference between nothing and something

In increasing numbers, public employees and others are participating ...

Voting early

As much as 30 percent of the Arizona GOP primary vote was for candidates who had quit

The advisability of early election voting always has been ...

Tuesday notes

Spring is here
It's the first full week of spring. We have more daylight than darkness now for the first timesince the week before Christmas, and it ...

No PAWS bad news

Compared its early years, the test is a breeze these days - thanks in part to pencils and paper

What a relief it is in Fremont County and across ...


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