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Learning moment for parents

We all got one this week from Wyoming news

Have you ever wanted to teach your kid a lesson?
A hard lesson?
A lesson that he or she won't ...

Experts and interest rates

The Fed stood pat on Thursday, but does that prove anyone right?

A suspenseful build-up now accompanies each quarterly meeting of the Federal Reserve ...

Animal vs. human behavior

There are things we parents could learn

Fall, I think, is sneaking up on us.
A few leaves are beginning to change from summer green to their ...

CWC Lander Center

The new facility is an important and most-fitting part of college offerings

An outstanding community milestone has been accomplished at the start of ...

Republican reality show

The fringe candidates have a role to play early in the presidential campaign season

Wyoming doesn't have a presidential primary the way New Hampshire ...

Tuesday notes

Creeping calendar
With a week to go in official summer, the signs of fall are quickening. Leaves seem to be paling a bit earlier than customary, and if ...

A house built, sealed and delivered

Labor Day was the 20th anniversary of our first night in the place we built.

"There is some of the same fitness in a man's building his own house ...

Death on the job

Wyoming is one of the worst for it, and we're probably going to stay that way

A couple of years ago, with work-related fatalities unacceptably ...


A fire scene and a parade add poignancy to Sept. 11

Today Fremont County has a frightening reminder that the work of volunteer firefighters is every ...

Learning life via 38 years wed

I first brought my future wife to Wyoming in 1970

No precious gemstones or metals commemorate 38 years of marriage.
It's just a heck of a long time ...

Working with the weather

Little boys must have a special knack for it

Summer rolls through our lives like a funny poem --frantic and nutty. But when fall hooks itself onto ...


There are pitfalls, but it can be an effective part of public relations for the City of Riverton

Mindful of increasing discussions locally about fair ...

All hands on deck

The full Senate is hearing the Iran debate this week, and it's a rare thing

This week Congress begins debating whether to pass a formal resolution ...

Tuesday notes

Laborless day
Your daily newspaper staff thanks our Ranger and Ranger Printers customers for the day off Monday in observance of Labor Day. We have a ...

American labor

In 1959, President Eisenhower saluted the working man and woman

Dwight David Eisenhower was a great war hero as the general who commanded allied ...

I bid on history in a package

Like me, the owner obviously had dabbled in a lot of things.

Unraveling the remnants of history is all in a day's work for an archaeologist toiling ...

Things to lose sleep over

Apparently, there are lots of them these days

After a particularly sleepless night spent worrying, plotting, imagining how things might go the ...

Hay on fire

An ag fire can be as impactful in some ways as a big wildland blaze

For the most part, Wyoming has been spared during what has been a ferocious ...

Developments for Labor Day this year seem more than coincidence

It's coincidence, you say? The exciting news that Riverton's new Wind River Job Corps Center is complete, with classes under way as we celebrate Labor Day ...

Sworn and seated

There's no preparation time when you are appointed to fill an elected office vacancy

It is serious business when the demonstrated will of voters is ...


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