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Ranger Opinion

Can anything be done to reduce animal deaths along roadsides?

On Oct. 15 I left Jeffrey City on my way west. The first thing I noticed is a couple of men were looking around a blood-covered dead antelope or ...

These days, overkill is planned policy

So long as proposals are viewed automatically as failure by one side or the other, there will be no solutions.

Unforeseen outcomes are often ...

Russell Watch

Our year-long experiment proved some basics about simple investing

Three times in recent years we have imagined making a relatively small investment, ...

Alive and happy all season: that applies to both my garden and my family

Up to this point, it has been a strange autumn, possessing a crisp-but-warm Riverton air delightful to breathe.
Of days like these, the poet and author John ...

Empty seat filled

CWC has its new board member, but there are other ways to serve

Central Wyoming College had an empty seat to fill on its board of trustees Wednesday ...

No laughing matter

Armed robbery is a serious, dangerous crime, no matter what the robber is wearing

A young woman walked into a Riverton convenience store on Monday a ...

Tuesday notes

It's starting to feel more like fall -- finally. Breakfast-time temperatures Tuesday were in the upper 30s, which is getting closer to the ...

Pot expert in demand as states eye legalization

SEATTLE -- Allen St. Pierre went to work at NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, when the United States was in ...

Rainy day funds

It's time to define what they are for, and what they aren't

Recurring debate in Wyoming is warming again on the purpose of the state's enormous ...

How to coach in a blowout

Whether you're on the top or the bottom, it's just plain hard to manage.

This has been a year of blowouts in local high school football.
Aside ...

No go, Joe

The Dem debate didn't provide much of an opening for Biden

National news reports remain full of speculation that Vice President Joseph Biden ...

Using humor for survival

Have you heard of Sherman Alexie?
If you're an avid reader, you may have. If not, you might benefit by getting to know him. It wouldn't really matter if you ...

Struggle sold separately

Wind River Job Corps is off to a good start, including a realistic disclaimer

Lenita Jacobs-Simmons traveled a long way to help cut the ribbon at ...

More things to more people

Central Wyoming College bears that burden in a changing world

Half a century ago, when Central Wyoming College was still a fresh dot on the ...

Tuesday notes

Jack who?
What a growing season we're having in the Wind River Basin. Later this week we'll arrive at the midway point of October, and we haven't had ...

Always searching for Utopia

The problem with these idealized concepts is the participation of imperfect human beings.

A century ago utopia was a real concept, striven for by ...

Outlasting the experts

Newspapers have proved their staying power for 400 years

Predicting the demise of the newspaper has been a popular topic for centuries.
That's ...

A job to avoid

Congress is in disarray as Republicans struggle unexpectedly to find a new speaker

Most registered voters in Fremont County are Republicans. While ...

We all know the Oregon shooter

Gun-friendly Wyoming could be a leader on positive changes

The damaged young man who shot up Umpqua Community College in Oregon a few days ago, ...

We're part of the big picture

Sometimes that's not so easy to recognize
As a writer, one of my hobbies is reading the work of other writers, so I often read the other columnists who ...


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