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Money for schools

With the state formula likely to take a beating, local school districts might need more flexibility

The effects of Wyoming's near-certain plunge in ...

Early Christmas? Fine by me

I purchased my tree on the 3rd... of November

I bought my flimsy plastic Christmas tree at a Target outlet on the 3rd of November. The handler seemed ...

A crowd at Tonkin The new ice rink is a fine use for the old football facility

For years, Riverton has been looking for a viable use for the old football facility at Tonkin Stadium. Now, at least for the winter, we have found it.
Twice ...

Wind and winter

The overnight howler reminds us of the need to plan for seasonal hazards

The wind roared across most of Fremont County all night Wednesday. Anecdotes ...

Warmth of sisters side by side

We shared a bed for years as kids, and turned out better for it

The definition of "needy" takes many shapes and colors, especially at Christmas. ...

Trump's moratorium

Defeating radical terrorists will require more than isolationism

Donald Trump poses a problem for the self respecting editorial writer. By any ...

Tuesday notes

Flags and snow
A little break is arriving this week from our mid-winter-style cold spell that chilled Thanksgiving and greeted the new month. Any ...

10 cents a gallon

With gasoline much cheaper now, gripes about the tax have died down

A few days ago, staff writer Christina George wrote a story for our newspaper ...

Adventures in breakfast cookery

You've got to burn, er, break a few eggs to make an omelette

Removed both from college dining halls and Mom's kitchen, but still needing breakfast, I ...

Write to Santa

We're planning our 66th Christmas Greetings edition, and we need letters

It's December, the lights are up, the giant snowflakes are glowing on Main ...

Sometimes I need cheesy music

Thanksgiving especially seems to bring out the craving

With Thanksgiving so recently observed, I think it's time to shout my gratitude - if not from ...


One of the world's great plays, and great entertainments, runs all week

Most Americans have heard of William Shakespeare. A fair percentage could ...

Key Lime?

That's the name of an airline which could be a good fit here

A news announcement from Sheridan may have Fremont County implications.
The commercial ...

Tuesday notes

Stating the obvious
On an old episode of the marvelous old television comedy "M*A*S*H," wise-cracking army surgeon Hawkeye Pierce, needling the ...

Local dollars

When you 'shop small,' you are a very important person

There are many reasons to shop using the Internet.
But there are some good ones to shop ...

We could use a dose of Twain

One of the great author's final works has resonance today, a century later.

He was one of America's great humorists, an author with possibly the ...

It's here

When winter arrives, it arrives

No season can match winter for an emphaticstart. The fact was made clear again over the past couple of ...

Plants are nice, but can they purr?

I'm the proud owner of my first houseplant, but I was glad to see a furry friend during Thanksgiving break.

A few weeks ago, my classmate gave me a ...

Giving thanks for, of all things, a chair

It's one of many treasures from my many families, and I'm thankful for all

Thanksgiving traditions in America are many and varied. But having the ...

The pudding is done

At Thanksgiving, Lydia Child's words still ring

The American writer and editor Lydia Child wrote many hundreds of poems, essays, short stories and ...


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