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Tuesday notes

Warming up
This often is the time of year the words "January thaw" are printed in this space -- if we're fortunate, that is. Mark this as one of those ...


The terrorists who slaughtered the cartoonists have created a monster

The miserable human beings who committed the cold-blooded murders last week in ...

Democrats are good for the gun biz

Take it from a gun owner -- I know.

It's not something they'll admit in public or especially at a gun show but a couple of my friends who are ...

Where is life's time card?

Parkinson's finally took a good brother-in-law

It's late, and I'm up and can't sleep.
You've been there.
Usually, it's something that's stuck like ...

Thinking smaller

There is more to storing Wyoming water than creating a lake 50 miles long

One exciting element of a new legislative session is that ideas that have ...

My personal silver linings

In new year, I am inspired by impressive women

2014 was a fun and hectic year --life-altering in many ways. When I consider the self I was before ...

Fiscal microscope

In the proposed Vision 2020 analysis, revenue estimates are a good place to start

Wyoming legislators are speaking dire words of warning as the new ...

EPA's odd behavior

Why would it back off Pavillion water but not the reservation border dispute?

For some time now, Fremont County citizens following the ...

Tuesday notes

Winter chill
A couple of months ago we speculated that the five-day chill the Riverton valley experienced in the first half of November --six full ...

Before 'bullying' was a buzzword

I'm not saying we liked it, but we did learn how to put an end to it.

The NFL and NCAA used up their entire quota of public service announcements to ...


The changing dynamics of Keystone XL

In all the talk and backtalk about the proposed Canada-to-Gulf-of-Mexico oil pipeline in recent years, a couple ...

Fort Washakie native's beaded heels feature prominently in museum

Teri Greeves grew up on the Wind River Indian Reservation --and now she's hit it ...

Miserable fate

Community mustn't brush aside two hypothermia deaths

It ought to be troubling to note that two men in our community have, apparently, frozen to death ...

Resolving to appreciate good health

Welcome, 2015! And I do mean welcome!
If our family is typical of 2014's ending, most of the local population must be ready for a new start.
To begin, we ...

Enough pin-balling

Wyoming would benefit from a comprehensive transportation policy

Highway safety in Wyoming surely is the subject of some of the most disjointed and ...

Doing away with ticket quotas is right move

I would like to thank State Sen. Eli Bebout for his putting a stop to the quota system the Wyoming Highway Patrol was using to evaluate its officers. ...

Scaffolding on the dome

Does it signal something for the new Congress convening this week?

Is it illustrative in some way that the U.S. Capitol dome is encased in ...

A big press breakdown, but the show went on

On Nov. 28, our printing press broke down.
Among the many things conspiring to make a newspaper publisher's hair gray -- or, in certain cases, fall out -- ...

Tuesday notes

White new year
The snow isn't piling up in record amounts, but we have been receiving pretty consistent snowfall from week to week since winter began ...

Knowing just the right people

Cronyism and nepotism is a good way to earn the public's distrust.

It was the talk of the technology boom of the late 1980s and early 90s and was ...


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