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Forty years since freshman dorm

On the trip to Laramie, my 10-inch TV rode on the passenger floorboard, and my AM/FM 8-Track stereo with two 8-inch speakers sat next to me on the passenger ...

Griest and Haver

Women blaze important, historic trail through elite Army training

National news reports are paying attention this week to the first two women to ...

Fires and pollution

The smoke in our skies this month compares to power plant emissions

Coincidental to the recent announcement of controversial new federal regulations ...

There's more to the man than 'Mate'

When I started this column many years ago, I asked Ned -- yes, that's his real name --if I might write something about him, and he said 'You'll ruin the ...

Water envy

Other states are bound to look at the Wind River drainage with longing

That was ...

Tuesday notes

Thermometer's plunge
Rarely at any time of year in Fremont County do we see such a rapid decrease in temperature such as occurred Monday evening. In ...

Can coal fix it?

It might be the only way to thrive

No industry in Wyoming has a better record for using innovation to solve threatening problems than coal. That ...

The long summer of sirens

We all appreciate the dedication and services provided by emergency responders, but the system seems a bit noisy in these parts.

It was the sound of ...

Questions behind the headlines

It's time for better thinking on drugs, guns, mental illness

If you haven't thrown it out, go back and look at the front page of The Ranger from July ...


Should he be taken seriously? He leads every poll, so 'yes'

Political reporters, campaign analysts, strategists and voters are asking and repeating ...

Search for Fido ends in clarity

The dog saga, or daga, of my outdoor life continues.
Previously, I've dealt with the topic of malicious dogs in town, from the perspective of one hounded ...

One is not the other

Trying to link the Center of Hope shootings to the EPA border issue doesn't help either issue

Attempts to mold the Center of Hope shootings of July ...

Lucky on fires

Human vigilance can maximize the benefits of a cooler summer

You may have heard that it's been a rough summer for wildfires this year, but we've been ...

Tuesday notes

Day by day
Residents of the Wind River Basin get a fundamental lesson in the movement of air across the continent this time of year as wildfire season ...

Sheetrock and the home builder

I knew enough 20 years ago to farm out that job.

August rolled in with that unique mix of anxiety best represented by Dorothy watching the hour glass ...


Departing commissioner was, and is, a transformative figure in local politics

In 2006, not many people in Fremont County had heard of Keja Whiteman. ...

A grandson named Felix

Suddenly, the desire to leave a better world grows stronger

My first grandson was born Aug. 1.
He's Felix.
It means lucky.
I've asked many people ...

Hate crime?

The feds are looking into it, but the legal label is by no means certain

Confirmation arrived this week that the federal government is examining the ...

Living and evolving

We can't change a subject until we deal with it

"I've been thinking ... "
That line always sent then-editor Dave Perry's hand to swipe his brow in ...

Local attractions

Summer time is limited now, but nearby destinations still abound

Summer comprises all of August, but it's the last full-summer month of the year. The ...


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