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What's in a name?

In the case of the airport, it could be quite a lot

Among the actions being discussed to improve -- perhaps even preserve -- commercial air service in ...

Who needs Florida? We've got Wyo

A new study rates us the No. 1 state for retirement

I just spent a long weekend in Florida.
It was 82 on a Saturday afternoon -- in the middle of ...

Crashing a plane

We ask ourselves how, and why

The civilized world has one question on its mind today. Why did, or how could, a young airline pilot crash his plane ...

Paying our 'electeds'

Increasing compensation for our leaders is a worthy topic for the legislative interim

The Wyoming Legislature did two things right this year in its ...

Turning a black thumb to green

With a lot of help, I'm going to try to grow veggies

It seems my black thumb is changing color.
How it can be that I'm committing to growing a ...

What's on the tray

New school lunch guidelines have been drawn up with good intentions

Some ...

Tuesday notes

Chill on
It got cold again this week, colder than average for late March. We'd enjoyed a nice stretch of seasonal warmth, or a bit better, so the chill ...

Doing whatever it takes to watch

At NCAA tournament time, we rigged up a TV system in Shoshoni.

A disappointed defense leaves the field after the opening drive. Massive tackle Blue ...

Shine the light

Government has found a new way to keep the public in the dark: money

This week news media organizations around the nation are finishing up a public ...

Let Holder quit

If he's so bad, his replacement should be confirmed immediately

The name of the game in Washington is politics.
That is to say, the professionals in ...

Alive through the generations

Naming new family members preserves memories

Spring is almost here, they say --they being the calendars, of course. So far, we've seen a pair of ...

Sing along

'Ragtime Cowboy Joe' didn't start out as a Wyoming song, but we've made it ours

There's an old movie called "Ragtime Cowboy Joe." It's strictly ...

Enzi's bill

Our senior senator is looking for a remedy for part of the air service mess

Give U.S. Sen. Mike Enzi of Wyoming a set of golden pilot's wings for ...

Tuesday notes

Wearin' o' the green
Mindful of the pinch promised by at least one enthusiastic Irish-descended staff member, most members of our Ranger staff are ...

Gloom-and-doomers rarely get it right

Once it was predicted that traveling 30 mph by train would kill all the passengers.

When the small coal-burning locomotive dubbed Stephen's Rocket ...

Life and death

That's the level of importance as ambulance department decisions are being made

The people who bear the responsibility of providing ambulance and ...

Fretting about firing squads

Our state hasn't got capital crime figured out very well

Shooting someone to death can get you killed in Wyoming.
The state has a death penalty ...

Over the top

Let's come together and raise the final match needed to build the skate park

Great news arrived last week for the drive to build a modern, safe, ...

Leadership cloth

Philp and Urbigkeit were cut from the same type, and our county was better for it

Frank Philp and Ralph Urbigkeit were not of the same generation. ...

Against damnation online

Better to prevent the crime than simply curse the criminal

The other day, I read that police think they have ...


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