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Energy and sage grouse

In our 60th mining and energy edition, the funny fowl is a big player

"Year of the grouse" reads a headline on page A-1 of today's 60th annual Ranger ...

Tuesday notes

Spring soak
"It was a dark and stormy night," read the opening line from the novel the comic strip dog Snoopy began writing many times from atop his ...

Worse than meth

Pharmacetical-style drug abuse is a bigger problem than most realize

Abuse of prescription drugs in Wyoming is a deadly problem. The Wyoming ...

International relations, badminton-style

Years ago my dorm buddies and I tried to win the overall intramural sports title for our floor during the coming school year.

In retrospect it often ...

Older drivers, tougher rules

Wyoming took a look at it, and the issue probably will rise again

Wyoming legislators spent some committee time in recent days exploring the ...

If you're a father, live up to it

And, women, don't let them get away with less

On Fathers Day, a father is a father, is a father. Right?
Genetically, it may be true. Adoptively, it ...

Hastert's troubles

Financial charges aside, didn't Congress have an inkling of the larger allegations?

Dennis Hastert was in court Tuesday, pleading not guilty to a ...

A new equine center

It's high on CWC's priority list, and there is a strong case for it

Rising to prominence on Central Wyoming College's to-do list is replacement of ...

Tuesday notes

Season's greetings
The first day of summer isn't until a week from Sunday, speaking officially. But the first day of "summer" was Sunday. The ...

Welcome home

Fifty years later, too many Vietnam veterans are still waiting to hear those words

There's a reason Wyoming's thousands of Vietnam War veterans chose ...

Adventures in house-building, part 2

June 1995 was a month that featured two emergency room runs and two close calls.

Much like this year, the rain gradually came to a halt by June of ...

A rule is a rule is a rule

But even the best one can't cover everything

Recently I completed the coursework in Bureaucracy 101.
Being schooled in the frustrating vagaries of ...

Lights out

Thursday's outage wasn't a big emergency, but we showed our stuff in handling it

The power failure that affected much of Riverton early Thursday ...

To the Belmont

Here we are again, focusing our national eyes on a racehorse

A full American generation has passed since a thoroughbred racehorse last won the Triple ...

Little boys and days in June

They have much the same temperament

June days were made for children, particularly little boys.
The perfect match is in the endless light hours for ...

If the creek rises

We've seen what flooding can do here, so take warnings and instructions seriously

This is a dry part of the United States of America when statistics, ...

Tuesday notes

The halfway month
It's our first Ranger of June, the month whose end brings that halfway point of the year, daylight until 9 p.m. and the arrival of ...

Airport tax

It's an option that merits consideration as solutions to local air service are sought

This whole idea of paying an airline to provide decent service ...

The many meanings of 'harvest time'

Whether you're an overstuffed robin or a prudent businessman, when the opportunity arrives you take it.

Two robins so full they couldn't fly greeted ...

A night in the castle, 35 years later

It had been that long since I last slept in a college room

I have spent exactly two nights in a college residence hall in the past 35 years, six ...


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