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A home for Odd Fellows

The historic cemetery grounds are worth taking care of in the public sphere

Something was missing from Riverton's Memorial Day ceremonies ...

The intriguing case of Elizabeth Warren

She's a liberal who works with conservatives, and a presidential prospect who truly seems to mean she's not interested.

In her recently published ...

Doubt greets Putin's vow to honor result of Ukraine vote

KIEV, Ukraine --Russian President Vladimir Putin vows he is ready to deal with whoever wins Ukraine's presidential election. But his latest pledge to ...

Tuesday notes

The offices of The Ranger and Ranger Printers were closed Monday for Memorial Day, and your daily newspaper staff is appreciative of the day ...

No educational miracle here

Wyoming citizens are getting very mixed signals on Common Core from leaders.

I've watched my wife take groups of 5-year old children into her ...

How did Sterling get away with it so long?

Tell me Paris Hilton will be this year's graduation speaker at MIT.
Tell me Dennis Rodman is the new consensus choice to be peace negotiator in the Middle ...

Shared voyage

Memorial Day can be corrupted by obsession with self pity

Editor's note: Longtime readers may recall Associated Press columnist Hal Boyle, ...

Give airport a break

The 10,000-passenger mandate will be hard to get this year, but it's not our fault

News on passenger airline boardings at Riverton Regional Airport ...

This weekend, let us pause with peace

Memorial Day has its roots in the complexities of war.

Some dads tell their kids about the wars they fought.
My dad, Bob Peck, didn't.
He was ...

Letting prized racehorse wear nasal strip is a no-brainer

Who would have guessed a little nasal strip could ease the respiration of so many?
California Chrome, it was announced Monday, can wear his ersatz Breathe ...

No time left for arguments

With four kids in the stroller, time is too precious

It has been pointed out to me that I must be very busy --by nearly everyone I've encountered ...

The community room

A versatile and well-used facility seeks a citizen boost for needed improvements

The familiar, popular --and useful --community room at the Riverton ...

Seasonal fame

This time of year, everyone knows the names of the flood forecasters

For a couple of months a year, the names of certain public officials become well ...

New York Times editor's case draws new attention to pay-equity bill

Charges that The New York Times paid its top female editor less than male peers has breathed new life into legislation that seeks to ensure that women and men ...

Tuesday notes

Holiday housekeeping
Could Memorial Day weekend be arriving already? Indeed. May 26 is an earlier Memorial Day than our minds are used to, but that's ...

Movie shows 'human side' of Romney

If that could have been communicated to more voters, the 2012 election might have been different.

To run and to lose a presidential campaign is both ...

Sometimes I still crave a Teen Burger

So the sight I saw in Thermopolis last week was a sad one.

You never know when you'll encounter the end of an era. As I rounded the curve into ...

To run is to serve

Without a good field of candidates for voters, elections can't serve their full purpose

We now are in the early stages of the formal filing period ...

Wyoming needn't fear science

And we shouldn't refuse to teach it in our schools

Sometimes politics and science get all twisted up.
That's what has happened in Wyoming at the ...

Rules of the road

A horrible accident near Gillette sounds an alarm for everyone

The photograph on page 3 of Thursday's Ranger was more than a spectacular picture of ...


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