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It's the square knot or bust

Tying my shoes differently is mind-boggling

If you want to get out of your comfort zone, tie your shoes a different way.
Some aimless reading a ...

Three cases

Ebola really isn't a public health crisis, but acting like it is might serve other purposes

It is premature at best, irresponsible at worst, to slap ...

Bumpy night

It's been that, and then some, this month on the stock market

In the wonderful 1950 movie "All About Eve," Bette Davis spoke one of the famous movie ...

Last picnic of the season

Even some lunch problems couldn't spoil it

Hasn't this 2014 autumn been gorgeous? Beauty flashes from every direction.
We've checked out the high ...

Where Orwell misfired

CWC stages '1984' for an audience thathas made it easy for Big Brother

George Orwell got a lot of it right.
"1984" was a novel written by George ...

Tuesday notes

Wait awhile
Our office has received some inquiries about the end of daylight saving time. For many years it ended officially in early October. Not ...

Fear may be the worst virus of all

Mongering fear is nothing new in the world, but it has reached epidemic levels thanks to cable TVR00;and the Internet.

The two sons of the president ...

Running out the clock

It is inevitable now that same-sex marriage soon will be legal in Wyoming

Officially, Wyoming is choosing, a least for awhile, to row against the ...

A match made in kindergarten

Many years later, my son and his new wife reconnected

My son Cody married his first-grade sweetheart over the weekend.
More than 200 people ...

Free parking

The city is right not to impose parking regulations on the free lot

The front-page picture on Thursday's Ranger tells Riverton all it needs to know ...

Twins in appearance only

My 8-month-olds already show big differences

Whenever my 8-month-old, identical twin boys behave very differently from one another, it always comes ...

Pop culture and the Nobel

This year's physics prize is about as close as the two ever will get

We are in the midst of Nobel prize announcements this week. More than a century ...

Hear ye, hear ye

The nation's highest court has convened its nine-month session

The first Monday in October came and went a couple of days ago. It's an important date ...

Night skies: Flying to a comet

European Space Agency's Rosetta mission is about to try to land on a comet called 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. There have been several fly-bys of comets, but ...

Lummis helps to try reversing 'war on women'

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. -- It took Republican Rep. Cynthia Lummis 16 hours to travel from western Wyoming last Friday to the Florida Panhandle to campaign for ...

Tuesday notes

Homecoming Week
Anyone setting eyes on The Ranger's front window this week at 421 E. Main St. will see a fun Homecoming display painted by Riverton ...

Good news and bad

Great Lakes Airlines has improved reliability at the expense of availability

New data from Great Lakes Airlines and Riverton Regional Airport ...

There's a new plague of plagiarism

Sometimes my online college students accidentally paste the hyperlink information into the assignment as they steal the answer from the Internet.

An ...

Legislature needs to pass wolf bill ensuring minimum number

We should not be surprised at this new wolf ruling. The state is crowing that the wolf numbers so far have beaten the number they promised to maintain ...

Modelers Park

Many would benefit if the facility could be spared under state land plan

State officials determining whether to put 300 acres of state land near the ...


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