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Words women use that confuse the men

Mar 23, 2012 - By Carolyn B. Tyler:  On the educational side of things, an Internet friend suggests that there are nine words women use of which men would be wise to understand the finite ... [more]

Uproar over N. Korea launch plan

Mar 23, 2012 - By Barbara Demick and Paul Richter:  BEIJING -- Two weeks after agreeing to freeze its weapons programs in return for food aid, North Korea says it is preparing to launch a satellite in mid-April ... [more]

Cheaper vs. better

Mar 23, 2012 - By Steven R. Peck:  One of the age-old points of contention in Riverton has been between "doing it cheaper or better." Each side has its proponents.
A new issue being framed in ... [more]

Bales chose wrong answer to his life's frustrations

Mar 22, 2012 - By The Dallas Morning News Services:  Even before U.S. officials identified Staff Sgt. Robert Bales as the suspect in the grisly mass murder in Afghanistan, clues about his past had been leaking ... [more]

Memories and conclusions

Mar 22, 2012 - By Betty Starks Case:  About a month ago, I promised myself a long respite from writing farewell columns to loved friends.
But Darlene Cooper left this life March 11, and the ... [more]

Senior center board not willing to listen

Mar 22, 2012 - Jerry White, Riverton:  Editor:
I find it very interesting that for several meetings the Riverton Senior Citizens Center board of directors has discussed the financial losses being ... [more]

Here at home

Mar 22, 2012 - By Steven R. Peck:  Some of the best news a community can get comes when a local employer finds a way to expand.
When that expansion involves a modern, clean, ... [more]

Here's a sure fire weather forecaster

Mar 21, 2012 - By Carolyn B. Tyler, Staff Writer:  Spring began Tuesday, and the weather has been pleasing so far. The weather service says Riverton might reach 70 by Thursday.
But the weather can change in a ... [more]

Court could decide any number of ways on health-care law challenge

Mar 21, 2012 - By Mark Sherman and Ricardo Alsonso-Zaldivar:  Part 2 of 2

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to hear arguments this week or next on President Barack Obama's health care ... [more]

The Romney train

Mar 21, 2012 - By Steven R. Peck:  A wiseguy known to the newspaper office sometimes recites the following, claiming it as his personal motto:
"Everything will be fine ... unless something bad ... [more]

Health care law in court

Mar 20, 2012 - By Mark Sherman and Ricardo Alsonso-Zaldivar:  Part one of two

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The U.S. Supreme Court has several options in ruling on President Barack Obama's health care overhaul, from ... [more]

Tuesday notes

Mar 20, 2012 - By Steven R. Peck:  New season
Spring dawned sunny and cold in 2012, last week's warm air having been driven away ferociously by some classic Wyoming wind. The daylight is longer ... [more]

Politicians don't control oil prices

Mar 18, 2012 - By Randy Tucker:  Opportunities to understand people and issues abound if you take the time to listen.
Last week I held a restaurant paging device as my wife and I waited ... [more]

Coincidences aren't achievements

Mar 18, 2012 - By Mark Shields:  "When I was speaker of the House, gas was $1.13 a gallon."
"In the four years I was speaker, we created 11 million new jobs."
"Overall spending grew at an ... [more]

Asking the question

Mar 18, 2012 - By Steven R. Peck:  It took a good long while, but leaders of Fremont County's six incorporated municipalities have won permission from the county commission to place an ... [more]

End of the owl story

Mar 16, 2012 - By Carolyn B. Tyler:  Two years ago I wrote frequently in this column about a real-time webcam I was watching of an owl box in San Marcos, Calif.
The host, Carlos Royal, wife Donna ... [more]

The third-graders

Mar 16, 2012 - By Steven R. Peck:  The Wyoming Legislature is taking an assertive and positive step toward improving public education in the state by requiring that classrooms in our public ... [more]

Don't remove community voice from debates on base closures

Mar 15, 2012 - By Newsday (Long Island, N.Y.):  The Pentagon is under orders from Congress to cut about $1 trillion in spending, yet its proposal for two new rounds of base closings got a cold reception on ... [more]

The greatness inside

Mar 15, 2012 - By Tori Stanek, Riverton High School:  Editor's note: A Riverton High School student a winners in her age group of the USA Today Sportsmanship Essay Contest.
Tori Stanek was introduced last ... [more]

Your birth certificate

Mar 15, 2012 - By Steven R. Peck:  Do you know where your birth certificate is? How about your child's or your aged parent's?
Many of us have some idea, like in the back of that cluttered ... [more]

Definitions that get to the point

Mar 14, 2012 - By Carolyn B. Tyler:  Sometimes the easy words can be made easier.
Consider these definitions shared with me recently:
Adult: A person who has stopped growing at both ends and is ... [more]

Murderous rampage in Afghanistan threatening delicate U.S. mission

Mar 14, 2012 - By The Baltimore Sun:  The bloody mayhem allegedly committed by a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan Sunday couldn't have come at a worse time. The killings, which left up to 16 Afghan ... [more]

Cartoons and controversy

Mar 14, 2012 - By Steven R. Peck:  The "Doonesbury comic strip is generating controversy again. This week's series satirizes -- ferociously -- the newly legislated medical requirements in Texas ... [more]

Santorum maps out a miracle

Mar 13, 2012 - By Darlene Superville, The Associated Press:  WASHINGTON -- A political tip sheet for the rest of us outside the Washington Beltway:

SANTORUM'S YELLOW BRICK ROAD. Rick Santorum says his road to ... [more]

Tuesday notes

Mar 13, 2012 - By Steven R. Peck:  Breezy, sunny, warm March weather is here in force. The weekend weather was superb, and it is carrying over into the new week.
Spring is, officially, still a ... [more]

What the Disney myth didn't say

Mar 11, 2012 - By Randy Tucker:  The recent warm days, along with the advent of high winds, have me worried about our apple crop.
My grandfather spent many anguished hours trying to get nut ... [more]

Face it, GOP, the auto bailout worked

Mar 11, 2012 - By Mark Shields:  Of Margaret Thatcher's British administration, this compliment was paid: "The government has a heroic commitment to hard-nosed pragmatism" -- by which each ... [more]

The investigation

Mar 11, 2012 - By Steven R. Peck:  An element of shock accompanied the news last week that a Fremont County Sheriff's deputy had, during a confrontation with a man wielding a knife, shot and ... [more]

A shout-out for Shoshoni on network TV

Mar 9, 2012 - By Carolyn B. Tyler, Staff Writer:  The town of Shoshoni got a fun little shout-out on national TV on Tuesday morning of this week.
On "Live with Kelly" on KTWO/ABC during the show's "Daily Dial ... [more]

State voting laws challenged

Mar 9, 2012 - By William Douglas, McClatchy Newspapers:  WASHINGTON -- Taking a page from its past, the NAACP will go before a United Nations panel in Switzerland this week to argue that new voting laws approved by ... [more]