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Celebrating 60

Today is Riverton's 107th birthday, and The Ranger is marking its 60th

This date --Aug. 15 --is marked as Riverton's birthday.
Although there are ...

A.G. on right track in calling for discretion in drug sentences

The federal prison system in the United States is an $80 billion industry that houses more than 219,000 prisoners, with about half of them serving time on ...

Enjoy the skies, from a campsite or anywhere

Another month has gone by and August is upon us. Last month we did a little camping, watched a full moon rise, and sat around a campfire roasting marshmallows ...

The high-speed chase

No one likes it or wishes for it, but sometimes there is no alternative

Riverton and its vicinity have witnessed two high-speed pursuits of private ...

Tuesday notes

Dog days?
We don't get too many days like these in Fremont County in mid-August, namely cool, mostly cloudy and something resembling humid. Take note, ...

Two 'first friends' gone too soon

Kemper Sackman and Wesley Rice didn't know each other.
And they never will -- at least in this world.
Both men played memorable roles in my life. Both died ...

GOP could take some 'Frank' advice

WASHINGTON -- The slump of his shoulders told the story.
He cleared his throat and then told the 100 or so reporters waiting at Los Angeles's Good Samaritan ...

Forget the war; smell the cookies

Today's never-ending military missions are marketed like fast food.

It's an old trick used by hucksters to get prospective buyers in the mood. If you ...

Sensible, not sexy

The first project to be funded by the 1 percent sales tax meet basic community needs

Less than one year after Fremont County voters agreed to impose ...

Privacy in the age of terrorism is complicated

Incredibly, Edward Snowden has found freedom from persecution in Russia, of all places. That puts him out of the reach of U.S. prosecutors for at least a year, ...

A very personal thing

'American Dream' has different meanings

"Most (people) see the American Dream slipping away," reads the headline of a recent news article.
But don't ...

Somewhere out there

The perpetrators of two felony firearms offenses last month are still at large

In late July, when an armed man, or men, barged into a residence in ...

Eaton's case demonstrates why death penalty should be abolished

Recent headlines in The Ranger offer yet another update in the now decade-long saga of appeals for Wyoming's only death row inmate, Dale Eaton. There ...

West Nile is back

Don't raise your or your family's risk this summer by ignoring the danger

There is a mosquito out there with your name on it.
That is the only safe ...

Less-popular Obama still outpolls Congress

But House members who stand in his way aren't worried about pressure from voters who support the president; they are more worried about primary challenges ...

High-level visitors

Two cabinet officers are coming to town, so let's show some class

If two members of a president's cabinet have ever visited Fremont County on the ...

Realities of Wyoming's water

The wide spot in the road known as Eden can be found just beyond To Hell and Gone on the Wyoming highway map.
Just kidding.
Eden is an actual place, as ...

Tuesday notes

Target: Potholes
There's more to fixing potholes than the average person might think. The City of Riverton will use its first chunk of optional 1 ...

I got Indiana in a nutshell

The conversation started with sports, but it went a lot of other places.

As a tag-along at a classical education conference last month I had some ...

Experts at budget time

Increasingly, spenders and consumers see themselves as interchangeable

An increasingly apparent face-off in government at all levels involves those ...


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